10 criteria to tell if it's a cult

Isn't the religion / organization / organization actually a cult? There are 10 items of 'danger judgment criteria' that can be used when you have a suspicion.

1 'Mental instability'
2 'Exorbitant financial demands'
3 'Induced disconnection from the environment in which you were born and raised'
4 'Harm to a healthy body'
5 'Forced acceptance of children'
6 'Sermons that are hostile to society, regardless of size'
7 'Acts that disturb public order'
8 'Many litigation issues'
9 'Deviation from normal economic distribution'
10 'Attempt to penetrate national power'

First of all, isn't it like that cult? It doesn't matter if the group suspected of being a religion. The problem is 'group action'. We only focus on what we are doing and what social problems we are causing as a result. By focusing only on the 'harmful effects of external acts', that is, what kind of harm is being done and what kind of harm is being done, without touching the freedom of religion, the cult Only the danger of can be a problem.

These 10 criteria are as described below and were once defined in France.

About Europe's <sect (cult) religion>

Also, in the above article, the following is written about the 'separation of church and state' that became a problem in the process of establishing these 10 criteria. By focusing only on specific and external harm, rather than asking whether it is a religion, it is possible to identify which group is dangerous, and as a result, 'give a specific cult name. I have succeeded.

In the case of Europe, especially France, it is said to be 'absolute separation of church and state', and even in the principle of separation of church and state, it is said to be the first of the very strict countries. It is very cautious and very difficult for public institutions to get involved in religion. Therefore, he is successfully avoiding such a principle of separation of church and state, saying that he does not question religion. That's the way it is. Then, by counting or taking up specific problems of external harmful effects, we will identify which group is the problem group. This area is decisive. Moreover, the cult name is actually reported by giving the name.

As a result of strictly applying it based on these 10 criteria, it is written as follows that it succeeded in expelling the 'money-powered cult'.

Anyway, it is common to see such a strong stance of excluding sect groups by strictly applying the current law such as the criminal law because it does not question religion, but this is a story in France. You said that you applied the law strictly and kicked out some sect religions. He said that if the current law were strictly applied, for example, even in the case of the Unification Church, if a surcharge was imposed, the cult that was running on money would have escaped. Just by applying tax laws, he goes out and says that the activities of the Unification Church in Europe are now down.

You can see below what kind of religion / organization / organization actually got caught up in the '10 criteria for distinguishing whether it is a cult'.

[PDF file] French public law and anti-sect law

In the 1995 National Assembly Investigation Commission report, 172 organizations were named as sects operating in France, but some of the most famous ones are, first of all, expensive training costs and donations. The Church of Scientology (Eglise de Scientologie), or the Church of Unification (Moon ou association du Saint-Esprit pour1'Unification mondiale), whose economic constitution became a problem by demanding. Similarly, the Raelian movement (Mouvement Raelien), which received a guru who claims to be a messenger from the Elohim and donated private property other than housing. Jehovah's Witnesses (T6moins de J6hovah) who, in principle, followed the Bible and touted the 1999 apocalypse. Sukyo Mahikari (Ma ・ hikari-SOkyo, Mahikari) has grown significantly, mainly among Japanese international students, to cure illness with his hands. Alternatively, Soka Gakkai intemational has systematically advanced to France. The Nouvelle acropole attracts people at archeology and South American ancient culture seminars and forces them to participate in far-right rituals. And what made the French tremble most was the 1'Ordre de Temple solaire, which burned 16 people to death in the 1995 mass murder. The incident triggered mass suicides in Switzerland and Canada in a chain reaction through 1997, killing about 70 people.

It also explains how this '10 criteria for distinguishing whether it is a cult' was set, and it is identified by an inductive method by the report of the 1995 National Assembly Investigation Commission, the so-called Guyal report. It is clearly stated as follows as a setting standard for.

Mental instability
Exorbitant monetary demand
Intentional separation from the original life
Harm to physical integrity
Extortion of children
Some antisocial language
Infringement of public order
Great judicial struggle
Deviation from normal economic distribution channels
Attempt to penetrate public authority

What is such a dangerous religion / organization / organization? It is defined as 'any legal entity that engages in activities whose purpose or effect is to create, maintain, and utilize the psychological or physical dependence of those who participate in the activity, whatever the legal form or purpose.' I am.

And, as a condition to forcibly declare the dissolution of such a dangerous religion / organization / organization, the organization defined above or its leader 'performs one or several of the violations listed below. If you have been sentenced to multiple final criminal convictions. '

Life infringement
Infringement of a person's physical and mental integrity
Acts that put people at risk
Delictum exploiting ignorance and vulnerabilities
Predatory and confinement
Prostitution placement, labor against human dignity
Infringement and discrimination against corpses
Infringement of personality
Infringement of minors and families
Misrepresentation of the legal status of property
Illegal doctor / dentist / midwife professional behavior
Illegal drug prescription
False advertising
Fraud, falsehood and tort of food and medicine

In other words, first look at whether the 10 criteria for distinguishing whether it is a cult or not are met. The next question is whether it is 'any legal entity that engages in activities whose purpose or effect is to create, maintain, and utilize the psychological or physical dependence of those who participate in the activity, whatever the legal form or purpose.' It will be. Finally, if you have been convicted over and over again, you are out.

At this point, it is no longer just a religion, an organization, or an organization, and it is a 'dangerous group that can confuse society,' so there is no need to worry about religious freedom in the first place. It does not shake the religious neutrality of the nation, it only has to crack down as an enemy of the nation's public order and democracy.

The reason why the state should be wary of such dangerous groups is explained in the 2005 report by 'Miviludes', the central organization for sect measures in the French government, as follows.

MIVILUDES 2005 Report-Wikisource

The need for national vigilance

The first reason is to justify the state's actions on vigilance and countermeasures against sect deviant behavior. Who can protect a child if it is not a state when the child is under the control of parents under the influence of sectarianism? Who can save a child if it is not justice when the child is sexually abused, abused or starved? And how can we expect a child to be a free citizen when he or she has an intellectually, physically or emotionally flawed education? Moreover, how can we protect the autonomy of our children? Can you protect your learning ability and the joy of being a child?

Obviously, children are at the center of interest for sect leaders. Children are the future of the sect group and potentially support their development. Children are thought to be able to fit into the mold because they are susceptible and vulnerable. It would be possible to easily exploit children. 'I'll make you happy slaves,' said Ron Hubbard.

This is exactly why there is an 'attempt to infiltrate state power' at the end of the 10 criteria. This is more clearly stated in the following 'Basic Principles of Government Action (Countermeasures)'.

May 27, 2005 Circulaire on Countermeasures against Prime Minister Sect Deviant Acts --Wikisource

I. Basic principles of government action (countermeasures)

Government action seeks to strike a balance between the fight against the evil deeds of certain groups of physical and spiritual restraints on believers (members) and the principles of respect for freedom and separation of church and state. Based on consideration. The method in which the state power designates a specific group as a sect and acts on the basis of that alone cannot guarantee the above-mentioned compatibility, and the policy to be implemented is legally grounded. It has been shown as an actual experience that it cannot be guaranteed. It has a dangerous impact on individual liberty so that it can identify and deter actions that may be subject to criminal penalties or that are considered to be against the law, rather than pointing to a specific organization. It was decided to monitor the organization that seems to be. This consideration of judicial security does not weaken government behavior, but rather guarantees its effectiveness. However, in order for these actions to be maximally effective, civil servants must be knowledgeable and carry out the following solid activities in the field.

• Strive to find and identify all forms of suspected sect-like movements in the workplace. This is because the sect group puts its members in a enslaved or dominated state and exploits them in a dependent state.
・ These movements must be watched while being cautious of acts that should be criticized. In the event of such a move, deterrent measures must be taken immediately.

We also encourage you to be vigilant about your activities on the Internet by doing the following:

In fact, we have confirmed that small, decentralized, fluid, and indistinguishable organizations have been formed using Internet propagation. These alerts are formed under a totalitarian concept and are of particular importance to certain groups that engage in secret activities and can cause irreparable consequences.

Finally, British politician Edmund Burke said


'In order for an evil force to win, there need only be good people who take no action.'

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