EU requires the installation of 'ISA', a system that automatically suppresses speed violations by cars

The European Union (EU) will equip all new cars such as passenger cars, commercial vehicles, buses and trucks released after July 6, 2022 with Intelligent Speed Assist (ISA), a technology to prevent speed violations. Introduced regulations that require

New cars will stop drivers from speeding under European laws --Drive

ISA is a system that issues a warning when the driver exceeds the speed limit and controls the accelerator input of the car through a computer. ISA determines the speed limit from both the in-vehicle camera and GPS, and teaches the driver to exceed the speed limit by visual and auditory, as well as tactile feedback that vibrates the handle and throttle pedal, and actively prevents speed violations. ..

ISA itself has already been introduced in various cars. In Europe, since 2018, it has become mandatory to install an emergency call system service 'eCall' that sends vehicle location information to information centers around the world, which has made it possible to equip almost all vehicles with GPS, so ISA It can be said that the spread of

The effect of ISA has already been verified. Australia's New South Wales Department of Transportation began trials of ISA technology in 2010, demonstrating ISA performance in more than 7.5 million kilometers of test driving. As a result, speed violations decreased in 89% of test vehicles. However, it cannot be said that the accuracy of the ISA road sign recognition system is high, and it seems that there were times when speed signs such as the 40 km / h limit around the school were misinterpreted.

The University of Adelaide 's Center for Automotive Safety Research builds a model using data collected by test vehicles, reducing serious and fatal accidents by about 19% in Australia by about 19% if ISA is mandated, about 200 people a year. Announced that his life will be saved.

In addition, according to the law established by the EU, when the road sign is changed in bad weather or at a construction site, or when the ISA misidentifies or cannot recognize the sign and does not receive appropriate warning or feedback, etc. , It is recommended to set the driver to be able to turn off ISA.

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