'Absurd Trolley Problems' that weighs life against everything and presses for the ultimate choice

Is it permissible to sacrifice another to help one? The ' Absurd Trolley Problems ' is a modification of the '

trolley problem ' of the thought experiment so that it is more difficult for some people to answer. There are various things that can be weighed against life, such as 'your life', 'savings', and 'delayed delivery of Amazon', and you can see the difference in the value of each person's life.

Absurd Trolley Problems

The first thing you'll see is 'Oh no! A minecart runs towards five people. You can pull the lever to switch tracks, but then another person will die. What to do? The basic form of the trolley problem. The choices are 'Pull the lever' and 'Do nothing'.

Select an option to see which other users have voted for. In the following cases, 'Pull the lever' was selected, so the minecart crushed one person on the track, and at the bottom of the screen was '80% of people agree with you, 20% disagree (583284 votes)' ( 80% of people agree with you, 20% disagree: 583,284 people vote).

Click 'Next' to move to the next question.

Next, although it is the same trolley problem, it changed to the case where '4 people' died when the lever was pulled, and '5 people' died when nothing was done.

Another problem is to balance 'the lives of five people' and 'my savings'.

The problem of weighing 'the lives of five people' and 'the lives of oneself'

The problem of weighing 'five lives' and 'real Mona Lisa'

Furthermore, the problem of weighing 'the life of a rich man who gives 500,000 dollars (about 68 million yen)' and 'the life of someone else'

The problem of weighing 'the lives of five lobsters' and 'the lives of one cat'

The problem of weighing 'the lives of five people who are asleep and will not feel pain' and 'the lives of one who is awake'

In the end, there was even a problem of weighing 'human life' and 'delayed delivery of Amazon's packages'.

Each time you pull the lever, you can see what other users have made, so it's fun to check this and compare the differences with your own values.

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