Movie of self-driving Tesla Model 3 trying to plunge into a tram

The owner of the electric vehicle 'Model 3' sold by Tesla reported that the vehicle tried to cross in front of the tram while using the fully automated driving function.

Train almost hits my Tesla! 10.12.2 FSD (Full Self Driving) Tesla zooming towards a train! --YouTube

Watch as Tesla's Autopilot Almost Steers Model 3 Into Oncoming Train

In the video below, you can see the actual situation when Model 3 tries to cross in front of the train.

The driver was testing the Model 3's fully autonomous driving capabilities on a road in Denver, Colorado, USA. When approaching the intersection in question, the traffic light in front is red.

The car tries to turn left after the traffic light turns green, but the train is going straight from the front. The car was supposed to wait until the safety in front could be confirmed, but I tried to thrust it in as it was, so the driver hurriedly turned the steering wheel manually and got nothing.

The reason why Model 3 tried to turn forcibly seems to be either 'Model 3 did not recognize the train' or 'Did you think that you could turn enough?' However, if you look closely at the movie, you can see that Tesla's system firmly recognizes the appearance of the train, so the former theory is denied.

The other remaining theory shows from the movie that it's hard to believe that Model 3 had enough time to cross in front of the train. 'If you think the Model 3 can turn around in time, its programming is too aggressive,' said The Drive, a car-related news outlet. The Drive is worried that Tesla has a button to report problems that occur during autonomous driving, but it's unclear if it's actually useful because you can't report details at the end with the push of a button.

From 17 minutes and 10 seconds of the video, there is also a scene where Model 3 tries to make a normal left turn, turns the steering wheel too much, and tries to plunge into a pedestrian waiting for a traffic light. The driver said, 'This is everyday,' and claimed to be very disappointed with Tesla.

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