When the 'Pokemon story' envisioned by a child is reproduced with a combination of the sentence generation AI 'GPT-3' and the image generation AI 'DALL ・ E', it looks like this.

Sentence generation AI '

GPT-3 ' that can generate ultra-high-precision sentences at the human level, which is also known to have been talking with humans without being noticed by anyone for a week with Reddit, and generate images according to the entered character information Engineer Edwin Chen is challenging to create a fairy tale by combining the image generation AI ' DALL ・ E ' that can be done.

Generating Children's Stories Using GPT-3 and DALL · E

Chen, who works as an engineer at Surge AI , the world's largest data leveling platform, asked his 5-year-old son Noah what kind of story he wanted to read. Name) and Pikachu are commanding the army of Pokemon. ' In Noah's image, Pikachu and others are 'attacking team rockets and other enemy Pokemon from land and sea.'

Based on Noah's concept, Chen uses GPT-3 to create a story. Furthermore, the image is generated according to the image of the story generated using DALL ・ E. However, since the image generation using DALL / E did not work just by inputting the text generated by GPT-3 as it is, the text generated by GPT-3 was 'fine-tuned' to improve the image. Mr. Chen says.

So, the AI-made 'Pokemon Story (Concept: Noah-kun)' that combines the text generated by GPT-3 and the image generated by DALL / E is as follows.

On a dark stormy night, Satoshi and Pikachu took an army of Pokemon to the battle between the Team Rocket and the enemy Pokemon.

You can hear thunder from the land and the sound of breaking waves from the sea.

The two met in the middle of the battlefield, and the battle finally began.

An army of Pikachu and electric-type Pokemon attack first, and a powerful electric shock attacks the enemy.

The Pokémon of Team Rocket were not comparable to the power of Pikachu, so they immediately began to retreat.

However, not only the team rocket type Pokemon who came from the sea could not be defeated so easily, and they started a counterattack. As a result, Satoshi and Pikachu became soaked.

Still, Satoshi and Pikachu did not give up. The two gather together their fellow Pokemon and use all their power to start a counterattack.

Finally, he won and the team rocket was defeated.

In addition, Mr. Chen wrote ' Roald Dahl , be careful' in response to the story generated by GPT-3.

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