Large companies such as Sony, Meta, and Microsoft establish an industry group to formulate Metaverse standards.

In recent years, there has been a growing worldwide interest in Metaverse,

with Facebook changing its name to Meta and Microsoft announcing a virtual conferencing platform . On the other hand, there were voices calling for the establishment of standards by industry groups, saying that 'there is no standard in Metaverse, which is a barrier to new entry.' Meanwhile, on June 21, 2022, the Metaverse Standards Forum , a metaverse industry group in which major technology companies such as Adobe, Epic Games, Huawei, Meta, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, and Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) participate, was established. It was announced.

The Metaverse Standards Forum

Leading Standards Organizations and Companies Unite to Drive Open Metaverse Interoperability --Metaverse Standards Forum

When developing the Metaverse, various standards such as 'data communication standard', '3D data storage standard', and 'display standard for displaying rendering results' are intertwined. If these standards differ depending on the platform on which the Metaverse is deployed, the spread of the Metaverse may be delayed. The Metaverse Standards Forum was established with the aim of identifying 'interoperability impediments' that impede the development of the Metaverse, determining requirements and priorities, and promoting the work of each standards body.

In addition to large companies such as Adobe, Epic Games, Huawei, Meta, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, and SIE, the Metaverse Standards Forum includes the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), a technology standardization organization used on the web, and geographic information. Several standardization organizations such as the 'Open Geospatial Consortium', which have a great influence on the world, are participating.

The Metaverse Standards Forum cites the situation that 'the same asset can be used on different game engines and platforms' as an example of the future that multiple companies and standards bodies are aiming for in collaboration.

The Metaverse Standards Forum is looking for participating organizations on the following pages.

Membership Application Form --Metaverse Standards Forum

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