I tried Char's new product 'Red Garlic Teriyaki' & 'Newtype White Trich' at McDonald's for Char

From June 22, 2022 (Wednesday), McDonald's and Char Aznable of '

Mobile Suit Gundam ' have collaborated, and 6 kinds of menus that are endorsed by Char have appeared. Of these, I went to eat the new menus 'Red Garlic Teriyaki' and 'Newtype White Trich', and 'McFizz Red Energy Flavor' offered in the original design cup.

Welcome to Char's McDonald's. Dream collaboration is realized! 6 kinds of menus with Char's endorsement are now available Spicy cheese and jalapeno! 'Spicy Dabuchi' The impact of garlic and bacon! 'Red garlic teriyaki' Triple cheese is a new type! 'Newtype White Trich' Morning Mac also has 'Dabuchi Sausage Muffin'! 'McFizz® / Mac Float® Red Energy Flavor' is also available! Limited time sale from June 22, 2022 (Wednesday)! Char Aznable voice actor Shuichi Ikeda has been appointed as a commercial! Char's new animation TV commercial will start airing on June 21st (Wednesday) | McDonald's Japan

Arrived at McDonald's.

'Welcome to Char's McDonald's.' Char's menu table.

I ordered 'Red Garlic Teriyaki' and 'Newtype White Trich' as a set. In addition, you can change the drink to McFizz for +30 yen and Mac Float for +90 yen to the set price.

Char was waiting on the tray.

The left is 'Red Garlic Teriyaki' using newly developed red buns, and the right is 'New Type White Trich' with white cheddar cheese.

Smoked bacon on top of the 'red garlic teriyaki' patty.

It's hard to tell by appearance, but the mayo sauce has a garlic soy sauce flavor. It looks spicy because it looks red at first glance, but the garlic flavor is fluffy but the sweet teriyaki sauce is strong.

'Newtype White Trich' has cheese dripping on the outside of the patty.

Cheese is tightly packed between each of the three patties, and the taste of the meat is wrapped in the mellowness of the cheese. From the outside, ketchup and pickles with chopped onions bring sourness and sweetness, giving the impression of a hamburger with an enhanced McDonald's orthodox taste.

'McFizz Red Energy Flavor' is a carbonated drink that contains honey and guarana. In the provided state, the dark part is sunk, and the upper part is moderately light pink, so I feel that Char's Zaku-likeness is often seen. Carbonic acid itself is not that strong.

'Red garlic teriyaki' is 420 yen including tax for a single item and 720 yen including tax for a value set. 'Newtype White Trich' is 440 yen including tax for a single item and 740 yen including tax for a value set. The McFizz Red Energy flavor is 250 yen including tax.

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