Appearance review of 'RIVER Plus', a compact and lightweight portable power supply with a capacity of 360Wh and a rated output of 600W and a large number of USB ports and AC ports.

The large-capacity and high-output portable power supply is convenient for securing power during outdoor activities such as camping and power outages. The portable power supply ' RIVER Plus ' sold by EcoFlow is compact and lightweight, yet has a 'capacity of 360Wh', 'rated output of 600W', 'can operate products with power consumption exceeding 600W', 'equipped with a large number of ports', and 'as a simple

UPS '. It is said that it has features such as 'can also be used'. Since I got such RIVER Plus, I first checked the accessories and appearance.

RIVER Plus Portable Power Supply | EcoFlow Japan

◆ Checking accessories for RIVER Plus
RIVER Plus was sold in a cardboard box.

When you open the box, you will find a black box with accessories ...

When the black box was removed, the RIVER Plus body appeared.

In addition to the RIVER Plus body and the black box, the cardboard box also contained a product registration guide.

Inside the black box were an explanatory document, a dedicated in-vehicle charging cable, a dedicated solar charger charging cable, a dedicated AC charging cable, and a DC5521-DC5525 cable. In addition, a manual with illustrations was written on the back of the black box.

◆ Checking the appearance of RIVER Plus
Looking at RIVER Plus from the front, it looks like this. RIVER Plus comes in two colors, white and black, but this time I bought white.

The front of RIVER Plus is equipped with LED lights, in-vehicle charging output port (cigar socket), DC output port x 2, USB Type-C port, and USB Type-A port x 3 in order from the upper left.

The EcoFlow logo is printed on the back.

A large black handle is attached to the top surface.

Four rubber pads were attached to the back.

Ports for charging the main body are mounted on the left side, and there is a slit for exhaust heat at the bottom.

The main unit charging port looks like this. From left to right, AC charging input port, charging overload protection switch, ground connection port, solar charger / cigar socket charging input port.

A cooling fan is mounted on the upper part of the right side, and three 100V AC output outlets are mounted on the lower part.

When I measured the weight with a scale, it was displayed as 5.3 kg.

It weighs 5.3 kg and has a huge handle, so you can easily carry it with one hand.

When I inserted the AC cable and charged the main unit, the monitor mounted on the front turned on.

The display on the monitor looks like this. When charging the main unit, the remaining time until full charge is displayed on the left side, the remaining battery level is displayed in the center, and the input power and output power are displayed on the right side.

・ Continued
Check the review article that thoroughly verified the performance of RIVER Plus such as RIVER Plus battery capacity, number of simultaneous charges, speed to full charge, operation when connecting home appliances exceeding the rated output, ability as UPS, etc. from the link below I can do it.

Thorough verification of the charging speed and power supply capacity of the compact and lightweight portable power supply 'RIVER Plus', PS5 & 4K monitor operates with a margin and can also be used as a UPS --GIGAZINE

At the time of writing the article, RIVER Plus is sold at for 49,500 yen including tax. EcoFlow Portable Power Supply RIVER Plus Portable Battery 360Wh Large Capacity Fast Charging: DIY / Tools / Garden

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