Discord introduces 'AutoMod' that automatically cracks down on unwanted users who use prohibited words

Discord, a chat communication tool, provides administrators and moderators with tools to keep their servers secure. On June 16, 2022, Discord announced the introduction of AutoMod , a feature that can automatically detect and block harmful messages before they are posted. AutoMod is Discord's community server that automatically cracks down on users who use pre-registered words.

Meet Your Newest Community Moderator: AutoMod Is Here


You can see what kind of function it is by watching the anime-style movie released by Discord official.

Moderation made easier with AutoMod! --YouTube

'Caution for posting material on the egg server!'

'Ultra MOD, Assemble!'





Combine! Moderation!

However, when the moderation arrived at the scene, there seemed to be no particular problems.

'Isn't it peace itself!'

In fact, AutoMod automatically solved the problem.

The 'Mayor' of the egg server would like to thank AutoMod.

Then, a song like an anime song with Japanese lyrics played and the ending ... I thought, and the explanation of the functions of AutoMod started. AutoMod has a keyword filter feature that can automatically detect, block, and warn messages containing harmful words and phrases before they are posted in text channels, threads, and voice text chats. To set, select 'Content Management' from 'Server Settings'.

On the content management screen, you can set 'rules' for the server. Click 'Set Up' ...

You can set the name of the rule and the word you want to crack down on the server.

You can set actions such as blocking messages from users who posted the set word, sending warnings, and timing out from the server.

Users caught by AutoMod will be displayed on the moderator's screen, allowing them to time out, kick or ban.

AutoMod isn't just a filter feature, it also supports small paraphrases when using words in contexts that aren't related to accusation or to avoid filters. AutoMod is available on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and web app versions of community servers. Discord staff said, 'Community management is something you should enjoy as a hobby, and you're guilty of' I don't know what will happen when you're gone 'when you leave to make time for yourself. It shouldn't be forced. Managing a growing community should be rewarding and fulfilling, and not always stressful in dealing with malicious actors and unruly members. ' I am commenting.

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