I tried eating 'Baby Star Ramen Cup Noodles Umashio Taste' where chopsticks go to lightly seafood-flavored salt ramen

`` Baby Star Ramen Cup Noodles

Umashio Taste '', which is an instant noodle version of Baby Star Ramen's classic ``Umashio Taste '', has been released on Monday, June 13, 2022, so I tried it immediately. .

Baby Star Ramen's popular classic flavor 'Umashio flavor' is now available in collaboration cup noodles! A nostalgic taste that you will never get tired of with the delicious taste of seafood! Baby Star Ramen Cup Noodles Umashi Taste New release on June 13, 2022
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'Baby Star Ramen Umashi Taste' which became the basis of 'Baby Star Ramen Cup Noodle Umashi Taste'

Raw materials for original baby star ramen include wheat flour, vegetable oil, umami flavored powder, salt, sea bream extract, chicken extract, protein hydrolyzate, garlic extract, etc.

On the other hand, the raw materials of cup noodles are like this. The fried noodles contain salt, chicken extract, and soy sauce, and the soup also contains salt, scallop extract, chicken extract, powdered soy sauce, and fish sauce.

'Baby Star Ramen Cup Noodles' is 223 kcal per serving of 55g.

The contents are like this, the container is a general size as a vertical instant noodle, but the content is small like a baby star ramen.

Pour hot water and wait 3 minutes.

Complete. It is a dish that is very easy to eat with a feeling like seafood-flavored light salt ramen.

I thought the original Baby Star Ramen was a little more salty and sweet.

By the way, I actually tried it because it was an ant to do 'chasing baby star ramen'. The taste is similar, so there is no sense of incongruity even if you mix them. And the added baby star ramen has a crispy texture, so it's perfect as an accent. Excellent compatibility.

'Baby Star Ramen Cup Noodle Umashi Taste' is sold at an open price, and at the time of writing the article, a set of 12 was available for purchase at Amazon.co.jp for 1671 yen (139 yen per piece).

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