Research results show that people who show 'feeling stress' are preferred

Small children will cry or get angry as soon as they don't like it, but adults don't often show up when they don't like it. Also, some people don't like to show their weaknesses and don't say their weaknesses or their true intentions. However, contrary to the image that people who show their sullenness are not so much loved, experiments have revealed that 'people who show that they are stressed may be liked.'

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Showing you're stressed may make you more likeable – new research

Animals such as dogs and cats do not show it as a visible sign if they are sick or hurt somewhere, so veterinarians and those who care for animals should have blood pressure, heart rate, and hormone levels. I have no choice but to rely on measurements such as. On the other hand, when stress is applied, humans touch their faces and heads and bite their nails, so it is easy to understand.

Since signs of stress that are very similar to those of monkeys and apes are observed, it is thought that the signs of stress were born during the evolution of humans and apes from a common ancestor. However, it has long been a mystery among researchers why behaviors that show weakness have developed.

So, a research team led by Jamie Whitehouse, a psychologist at Nottingham Trent University in the United Kingdom, who

studies facial expressions and communication, conducted an experiment in which volunteers were lightly stressed and shown to others.

In the experiment, in order to put stress on the subject, we asked them if they had their favorite foods and pets, digged up the leaves, had them practice presentations and interviews, and then challenged difficult math tests. I got it. The research team then showed a video of the subject taking the math test to another group to evaluate 'how stressful the subject appears to be.'

As a result, it was confirmed that the degree of stress evaluated by the evaluator and the degree of stress self-reported by the subject were almost the same. 'We found that humans are pretty good at spotting other people's stress,' White House said. 'It's not a subtle signal that only close friends can perceive, but a subject to someone who doesn't know at all. It's worth noting that it's the result of having people judge their stress. '

Furthermore, when the evaluator was asked, 'How much do you like this person as a first impression?', The result was positively correlated with the amount of stress behavior of the subject. In other words, the result was that people who often gave signs of stress were preferred by the viewer. The research team speculates that people who give stress as non-verbal signs such as facial expressions and gestures were more favorably evaluated because they felt they were more honest. increase.

Regarding the results of this experiment, Mr. White House said, 'Some people may think that showing their weaknesses will be taken advantage of, but showing their weaknesses makes it easier to obtain social support and ties. Is a creature that is more collaborative than any other animal, so you'll be attracted to someone who is honest with your heart, especially when you're weak and you're not as honest as when you're weak. ' He said that it is better not to hold it in the table when it is being used.

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