It turns out that 'supersonic shock wave' is generated when the champagne is opened

When opening the champagne, the cork pops out with a pleasant popping sound. It turned out that a supersonic shock wave was emitted at the moment this cork popped out.

Computational Fluid Dynamic simulation of the supersonic CO2 flow during champagne cork popping: Physics of Fluids: Vol 0, No ja

Uncorking Champagne Bottle Produces Supersonic Shock Waves --AIP Publishing LLC

You'll shoot your eye out: Popped champagne cork ejects CO2 at supersonic speeds | Ars Technica

A research team led by Gerard Liger-Belair, a longtime researcher on champagne, discovered that supersonic shock waves were generated when the champagne was opened. The research team took a series of photographs of the moment when the champagne was opened with a camera. If you look at the picture, you can see that the pale gas is released at the same time as the cork pops out of the bottle. The gas that jumps out of the bottle is initially blocked by the cork and keeps the speed below the speed of sound, but gradually spreads radially and slips through the cork to hit the speed above the speed of sound.

When the speed of sound is exceeded, the gas forms a ring-shaped '

shock diamond '.

After that, when the pressure from the bottle decreases, the gas can no longer maintain the speed of sound and the shock diamond can no longer be observed.

According to the research team, the gas movements observed in this study are also related to guns, ballistic missiles, wind turbines, and so on. In the future, we plan to observe the physical phenomenon at the time of opening while changing the conditions such as the temperature and capacity of champagne and the diameter of the tip of the bottle.

Liger-Belair, who led this research, analyzes champagne by various methods such as fluid dynamics model and mathematical modeling other than continuous photography, and in 2019, he explained the relationship between champagne foam and sugar. I did. The relationship between champagne foam and sugar, explained by Liger-Belair, can be found in the following article.

You can see how much sugar is contained from the champagne foam --GIGAZINE

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