Milanese katsuretsu has eaten 'grilled katsuretsu' with garlic and butter, which has been transformed into Matsuya flavor.

From June 7, 2022 (Tuesday), a new product ' Yakikatsu ' that 'it was finally decided to commercialize after repeated trial and error for many years' appeared in Matsuya, so I went to eat. It just said, 'I arranged'Milan-style katsuretsu'in the Matsuya style to match Japanese rice,' and it tasted like a regular product.

New release of 'Yakikatsu' with Milan-style katsuretsu in Matsuya style | Matsuya Foods

Arrived at Matsuya.

'Yakikatsu' poster where 'Matsuya Hatsune' was strongly extruded.

There are 'Yakikatsu set meal' and 'Yakikatsu combo beef meal' with grilled beef chew, and this time I ordered a set meal.

It seems that it takes time to cook fried chicken, and 'Yakimono' is completed in about 10 minutes from the order.

Katsu is 2 pieces, 4 pieces.

The meat is thin and evenly spread pork loin.

A fragrant sauce is attached, so ...

Sprinkle with sauce and eat.

From the time I received the item at the counter, Matsuya's set meal menu has a strong garlic and butter scent. On the official website, I used to press 'crispy texture', but when I tried it, the clothes were rather moist. The meat is thin and it doesn't feel like it's biting off, so it may mean that the teeth are crispy. There is no doubt that the rich, sweet and spicy sauce has a strong flavor of garlic and butter, making it a side dish for rice.

'Yakikatsu set meal' is 790 yen including tax, and 'Yakikatsu combo beef chew' is 650 yen including tax. Of course, you can take out, but eat-in is a better impression because it should be eaten while the texture of the clothes is as strong as possible.

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