A city on the border between China and North Korea calls on residents to 'close the window because corona is flying from North Korea.'

Since late April 2022, North Korea has recorded 1,978,000 fever, which is 8% of the population, and the North Korean government confirmed a new coronavirus infection in the country on May 12. I admitted that for the first time. It is reported that the health authorities are recommending 'close the window' to prevent infection with the new coronavirus in the city ' Dandong City ' located on the border between North Korea and China, and the authorities are responding. On the other hand, there are voices of confusion from experts.

Chinese City Asks People to Close Their Windows in Case COVID Blows In From North Korea

As the new coronavirus rages around the world, North Korea has not announced confirmation of infected individuals until 2022. However, since the announcement of the first infection confirmation on May 12, 2022, a large number of fever have been confirmed, and the tense situation continues, such as Kim Jong Un saying, 'It can be said that it is a great upheaval since the founding of the country.' increase.

Meanwhile, in Dandong, China, which borders North Korea, it became clear that health authorities are demanding that 'close the windows to prevent the new coronavirus coming from North Korea.'

A river called the ' Yalu River ' runs along the border between North Korea and China, and the width of the Yalu River is said to be several hundred meters in wide areas. 'I've never heard of a new coronavirus traveling this long distance,' said Leo Poon , head of public health research at the University of Hong Kong, questioning the authorities' response. .. In addition, Mr. Tomoichi Abe , director of the emergency center of Tsukuba Memorial Hospital, told VICE of overseas media, 'It is possible that the new coronavirus will move to a place like a large gymnasium, but I think that it will cross from village to village. I can't. '

Due to the recent rapid increase in the number of infected people in Dandong City, strict pandemic measures are required. However, despite the expansion of the blockade, many people continue to test positive for the virus every day.

VICE pointed out that the instructions issued by the health authorities of Dandong City are a painstaking measure due to the inability to identify the outbreak of infected people. The swift action of the company highlights China's anguish with the Zero-COVID policy. '

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan recommends active ventilation rather than closing windows.

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