Hideo Kojima's latest work is a horror game and the title is 'Overdose'

It is reported that the new game work directed by Hideo Kojima , a game creator known as the developer of 'Metal Gear Series' and ' DEATH STRANDING ', is a horror game named ' Overdose '.

Hideo Kojima's New Horror Game is Dubbed 'Overdose' --Try Hard Guides

Hideo Kojima reportedly developing a horror game called Overdose | Eurogamer.net

Try Hard Guides , an overseas game media, claims to have obtained initial footage of the latest film directed by Kojima from an anonymous source. Although the video itself has not been released, it can be confirmed in the video that Margaret Qualley, who was in charge of the character Mama in DEATH STRANDING, is wearing a blue dress. However, this video does not look like a sequel to DEATH STRANDING.

Mr. Quary who played Mama in DEATH STRANDING is such a person

The video shows 'Quary walking in a dark corridor with a flashlight' from a TPS perspective, but it is suggested that the game itself can also be played from an FPS perspective. In ' Jump scare ' displayed at the end of the video, 'GAME OVER' is displayed, followed by 'A Hideo Kojima Game' and 'OVER DOSE'.

Director Kojima tweeted in 2019 that he is watching a horror movie to awaken his horror soul in order to make the scariest horror game, and that he is about to start making a new horror game. I was suggesting.

Try Hard Guides quoted Jeff Grab, a well-known game-related leaker, as saying, 'Director Kojima is discussing the new work with Xbox. ' However, there is likely to be some announcement soon. '

In addition, Summer Game Fest 2022 of the game related festival is scheduled to be held from June 10, 2022, because the two shots of the organizer of the event, Jeff Keeley and Director Kojima are posted on Twitter. , Try Hard Guides speculates that 'Overdose' will be announced at the same event or in the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022 delivered by Xbox on June 13, 2022.

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