The next major version of OS for Apple Watch 'watchOS 9' announced

At Apple's annual developer conference, WWDC22 , ' watchOS 9 ', the next major version of the OS for Apple Watch, was announced. With new dials, advanced workout apps, and medication apps that let you manage your medications and supplements, we're introducing a number of new features that will help your health.

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The new version of watchOS is 'watchOS 9'. watchOS 9 adds new features in three areas.

First, four new dials have been added.

The 'astronomy dial' has been redesigned to take advantage of the large display ...

It is possible to display the amount of clouds around the world.

The 'Luna-dial' corresponding to the lunar calendar is a dial that praises the customs of 1000 years. Corresponds to Chinese history, Islamic history, and Jewish history.

Designed by artist Joi Fulton, the 'Playtime Dial' is a cute dial in which the numerical characters jump when you tap the display.

The 'Metropolitan Dial' is a dial that dynamically grows numbers when the digital crown is turned.

watchOS 9 also introduces a revamped Siri UI and new banner notifications.

The active application is pinned to the top of the Dock for immediate access.

The Podcast app makes it easier to discover and follow new podcasts using 'Search' and 'Listen Now'.

In addition, children can use the podcast app with Family Sharing settings.

Sharing content and selected images from apps such as Outcast and WeChat for developers will be easier with the new sharing sheet and Photo Picker API

CallKit also allows you to start / end or mute VoIP calls directly on your Apple Watch using apps such as Webex.

Next, about new activity-related features. watchOS 9 will improve your workout app for easier-to-use measurements and displays.

In the workout app running, we've added three running form indicators to measure how efficiently you're running. Not only measuring from the wrist, but also extracting the movement of the torso by using sensor fusion ...

Measure how much the running user is moving up and down.

In addition, by measuring indicators such as stride length and contact time, it is possible to comprehensively evaluate running performance. And each index can be confirmed at a glance.

Familiar measurements such as segment, split and altitude can also be checked by turning the digital crown. In addition, the introduction of a heart rate range makes it easy to see what range you are in.

New custom workouts allow you to add assembly to your run. For example, if you're working on improving speed and endurance, you can create workouts with distance and time intervals that include a set of exercises and breaks that you can repeat as often as you need.

In addition, there is also an alert function that can be used when you want to train in a certain heart rate range, and alerts will tell you when to switch between exercise and break with tactile and voice feedback while running, and your heart rate will be It will notify you to raise the pace if you fall below the set target range.

With iOS 16, the fitness app will be available to all iPhone users. Measure the number of steps, distance, number of floors climbed, etc. using the motion sensor of iPhone.

This is converted into estimated calories burned and contributes to the daily move goal. By sharing the moving ring with your friends, you can be more active in your daily exercise.

The watchOS sleep app provides users with information about 'how much sleep they are sleeping' along with measurements such as heart rate, respiratory rate, and blood oxygen. watchOS 9 gives you a better understanding of sleep at the sleep stage. Apple Watch uses signals from accelerometers and heart rate sensors to measure a user's sleep stage.

It was compared with the clinical standards of polysomnography for the largest and most diverse wearable products.

With the sleep app, you can see the time of each sleep stage and the record when you are about to wake up.

You can check more information in the Hessle Care app. In addition, you can learn that each sleep stage of REM, core, and deep has an indispensable role.

In addition, Apple Heart and Movement Study participants will be able to provide data on sleep stages in the research app to drive research through the sleep app. 'We hope this will bring new discoveries through extensive research,' Apple said.

Another area that the Apple Watch has influenced is heart health. Apple has received multiple reports from users that they received an atrial fibrillation notice and asked for treatment that could save their lives.

So Apple has decided to provide support when users are diagnosed with atrial fibrillation. Atrial fibrillation history records the length of time that atrial fibrillation occurred.

The health care app allows you to manage life factors such as exercise, sleep, and weight that can affect the length of time that atrial fibrillation has occurred. The atrial fibrillation history can also help identify the time of day and the day of the week when atrial fibrillation is most frequent.

You will be able to share the PDF with your doctor for a more meaningful dialogue.

Atrial fibrillation history is Apple's proprietary feature for long-term confirmation of atrial fibrillation. In addition, Apple will soon obtain FDA approval for atrial fibrillation history.

In addition, Apple is working on medication.

Over 50% of people are taking prescription medications, and watchOS 9 introduces a medication app to make it easier to see, manage, and understand what you're taking. It makes it possible to manage medicines, vitamins, and supplements in an unobtrusive and convenient manner at any time.

You can record medications that you may take from time to time, such as the antiallergic drug cetirizine, and receive notifications of medications that you need to take on a regular basis.

In addition, users who don't have an Apple Watch can use the Healthcare app to manage similar medicines.

You can also scan the drug label with your iPhone's camera.

Another important aspect of taking medicine is the interaction of medicines, such as weakening the effects of the medicines and causing side effects. In the United States alone, nearly 250,000 people are hospitalized every year due to drug interactions.

To avoid that, the app will notify you when there is a significant interaction and notify you of the crisis.

Apple has partnered with major medical publisher Elsevier to provide clinically accurate and evidence-based information throughout the medication app experience. In addition to interactions such as 'extremely severe,' 'severe,' and 'moderate,' we plan to be able to confirm interactions due to factors such as alcohol.

The medication app also works with Healthcare Sharing updated on iOS 16. You can also send invitations to your family to share your health data. This makes it possible to check the health status of loved ones.

Privacy is central to building and designing the features of the Apple Watch. Healthcare-related data is encrypted on the device and will not be shared without explicit approval. You will also receive regular notifications about which health data you share with whom.

So, here's a list of new features in watchOS 9. What wasn't explained in the keynote is six new keyboard language support, a new way for developers to connect watchOS apps to the Apple TV, and family sharing settings that allow kids to control their home-enabled devices from their wrists. And so on.

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