Apple announces 'M2', the next generation version of M1 chip, the number of transistors reaches 20 billion with 2nd generation 5nm technology

At the developer event WWDC22 held by Apple, ' M2 ', the next major version of the M series, which is a proprietary SoC for Mac, was announced.

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WWDC 2022 --June 6 | Apple --YouTube

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'M2', the next generation version of Apple's proprietary silicon, has been announced.

The M2 is the second generation chip of the M series ...

It is possible to maximize performance while minimizing power consumption.

The M2 will be manufactured using enhanced 2nd generation 5nm technology ...

The number of transistors has reached 20 billion. This is a 25% increase from M1.

In addition, the memory bandwidth will be 100GB / s, an increase of 50% from M1.

Unified memory is up to 24GB

CPU has 8 cores ...

Performance core is 4 cores, efficiency core is 4 cores

18% improvement in CPU performance compared to M1 chip

It consumes a quarter of the power of a PC with a 10-core CPU.

The M2 can deliver about 90% of the peak performance of a 12-core chip with just a quarter of the power

GPU is 10 cores

The M2 has the same power level as the M1 and has up to 25% higher graphics performance ...

At the same power level, 2.3 times faster performance can be achieved.

Equivalent performance can be achieved with just one-fifth the power of a PC with a 10-core GPU.

M2 also features next-generation Secure Enclave and Neural Engine

Performance increased by more than 40% from M1

In addition, it also has a powerful ProRes video engine that supports H.264 and HEVC 8K video.

This also makes it possible to handle multiple 4K and 8K movies.

Below is an image summarizing the details of the M2 chip.

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