'Fujiya Look Almond Ice Bar' tasting review that fills the mouth with the aroma of 'Look (a la mode)' almonds

On June 7, 2022, the ice cream ' Fujiya Look Almond Ice Bar ', which was developed with the image of 'almond' of Fujiya's chocolate '

Look (a la mode) ', appeared. It is said that the ice cream mixed with fragrant roasted almonds is chocolate coated, so I actually tried to eat what it tasted like.

60th anniversary of 'Look' release! 'Look (a la mode)' almonds are now ice cream!

The package of 'Fujiya Look Almond Ice Bar' looks like this.

Processed almonds, roasted almonds, caramel paste, etc. are used as raw materials.

The calorie is 209 kcal.

When I take out the ice cream from the bag, it looks like this. It is a square ice cream coated entirely with chocolate.

Since the image is 'look (a la mode)', I decided to actually buy it and compare it.

'Look (a la mode)' is like this, and you can enjoy four kinds of flavors, 'banana', 'almond', 'strawberry' and 'pineapple'. 'Almond' was reproduced with ice cream this time.

That's why when I compare the cross sections of ice cream and chocolate, it looks like this. The ice cream is slightly whitish.

'Look (a la mode)' is a taste that you can feel the aroma of almond paste and the sweetness of milk chocolate.

If you compare the tastes, you can see that the texture of the crispy chocolate coating and the softness of the fluffy ice cream are very similar to 'Look (a la mode)'. 'Fujiya Look Almond Ice Bar' is a little milky, but the reproducibility of the almond aroma that spreads in the mouth is high. Granular almonds were also mixed in, and it was an ice cream that you can enjoy the texture until the end.

The price of 'Fujiya Look Almond Ice Bar' is 151 yen including tax, and it is sold nationwide.

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