Open source cross-platform file manager 'Spacedrive' that can access iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Mega all at once

Spacedrive is a file manager that allows you to combine files from multiple devices, drives, and cloud services into a single database to organize and explore from any device. Spacedrive is open source and has a repository on GitHub.

Spacedrive — A file manager from the future.

GitHub --spacedriveapp / spacedrive: Spacedrive is an open source cross-platform file explorer, powered by a virtual distributed filesystem written in Rust.

Many people have multiple cloud accounts, but also HDDs and SSDs that store data locally. However, if you do not back up local drive, there is a risk of data loss, cloud services such as Google Drive and iCloud have limited capacity, and there is almost no interoperability between services, so it is easy to use. Is not so good.

Spacedrive features a Rust-coded (PDF file) Virtual Distributed File System (VDFS) , 'Files should not be tied to the device ecosystem or collected for advertising data.' 'Files should be OS. It is a file manager developed in open source based on the idea that 'it should be privately owned permanently without depending on'.

Spacedrive is under development, and the following three functions have been completed at the time of article creation.

-File detection : Scans the device drive cloud account and builds a directory for all files containing metadata.
-Preview generation : Automatically generate low resolution previews of image files and videos.
-Statistics : Collect data such as total capacity, index size, preview media size, and free space.

And the following two functions are under development.

File Explorer : Browse online or offline storage locations, view files containing metadata, and perform basic CRUD .
-Real-time synchronization : Synchronize data indexes in real time between devices. Priority is given to connecting with P2P via Wi-Fi communication.

The functions to be developed are as follows.

-Photos: A photo and video album function similar to iCloud's 'Photos' and Google Photos.
· Search : Search the file system in detail using key bindings, including offline locations.
-Tags : Define routines in custom tags, automate workflows, and automatically tag files individually or collectively.
· Extensions : The ability to build tools for Spacedrive to extend functionality and integrate third-party services.
・ Cloud integration : API that enables indexing and backup to iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Mega
-Encryption: A function to manage and encrypt confidential files built with ' VeraCrypt ', an open source encryption virtual disk creation tool.
-Media encoder : Encoding function based on FFmpeg .
-Timeline : Displays a linear timeline of content that can be moved at any time, making it possible to see the visually represented media.
Redundancy goals : Check for a certain amount of copies for critical data, detect at-risk files, and monitor device and drive health.
Spacedrive Cloud : Hosts always-on cloud devices and offers pay-as-you-go storage plans.

Spacedrive is scheduled to be released for macOS, Windows, and Linux 'soon', and iOS and Android versions will be released shortly before that.

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