I tried playing the puzzle game 'Flag Mania' where you can learn knowledge while playing by moving the panel fluttering to create a national flag

' Flag Mania ', a game that moves colored panels to create flags of various countries, was released on May 9, 2022. However, there seems to be other games that make national flags, but I heard that this game can also learn 'country trivia', so I actually played and confirmed what kind of game it was.

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You can check how you are actually playing from the following video.

I played with the puzzle game 'Flag Mania' that creates a national flag while moving the panel --YouTube

First, access the Flag Mania page. After a while, the game screen will be displayed with audio.

Click anywhere on the screen ...

Click 'Start' to start the game.

Only when playing for the first time, the character displayed at the bottom of the screen will say 'How can I get rid of the senso?' 'If you know the other person well, you may not get into a fight?', So click and continue. ..

The game starts immediately. First, move the left panel to create the national flag displayed in the upper right. A 2x2 frame is displayed by hovering the mouse cursor, and the four panels in the frame rotate clockwise by left-clicking and counterclockwise by right-clicking.

The completed form of the national flag will always be 6 or 9 squares. In the case of Ukraine displayed this time, it is OK if you arrange the blue panel horizontally 3 squares and the yellow panel directly below it 3 squares horizontally. Rotate the panel steadily ...

It was completed successfully.

When completed, points will be added and the count of 'countries found' will increase, as well as information such as the bean knowledge of that country and where it is on the world map.

The next subject is France. This is OK if you arrange two blue, white, and red panels vertically. The yellow bar displayed at the top shows the time limit, and if you can not clear it within the time limit of 50 seconds for each question, the game is over. The time limit will be restored each time you clear it, but the amount of recovery will decrease as the problem progresses, so the speed of clearing will gradually be questioned.

You can also push the panel out of the frame by clicking on the 2x2 frame so that it sticks out of the panel. If you exclude unnecessary panels, new panels will be added from the top, so if you have trouble finding the panel of the color you want, you can use this method.

After clearing 10 questions, I reached the goal for the time being. After this, the flag mania game that builds the national flag based on your own knowledge will begin.

As you can see from the following, the national flag displayed in the upper right will not be displayed from the 11th question, so you will play the game while thinking 'What color was this country?' ..

However, when you complete one flag you know, the treasure chest that sealed the display will open ...

You will be able to understand the answer, so if you get stuck, it is recommended to create a national flag for the time being. However, the time limit does not recover, so you need to build it quickly.

When the game is over, the country you found and the high score will be displayed.

You can also display high score rankings and enjoy competing with people from all over the world.

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