Experts explain how the 'door-shaped hole' found on Mars was created, pointing out that it is not an 'alien door'


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In May 2022, it became a hot topic that NASA's Mars explorer ' Curiosity ' took a picture of a 'door-shaped hole' that looks like a science fiction movie. Experts explain how the door-shaped holes, which are whispered as 'What about alien doors?', Were formed.

The'doorway' seen on Mars is not for aliens. Here's how it really formed. | Live Science

The 'door-shaped hole' in question was photographed on May 7, 2022. If you read the following article, you can understand the holes that Internet users have said, 'Is it a hideout for Martians?' 'Must lead to the entrance to another universe.'

The door-shaped hole found on Mars is talked about as a science fiction movie --GIGAZINE

by Courtesy NASA / JPL-Caltech

Internet users have also created panoramic images of colorized and stitched photographs taken by Curio City. If you enlarge the following image posted on Flickr, an image sharing platform ...


Kevin Gill

You can see that there is a hole like a door.


Kevin Gill

Neil Hodgson, vice president of scientific data provider Searcher in the United Kingdom and studying Mars geology, said in an email to the scientific media Live Science: 'This is a very interesting image, but in short. It looks like it was created by natural erosion, 'he said, denying the theory that it was an alien door. Nicholas Mangold, a planetary geologist at the University of Nantes, France, points out that the hole in question is less than 30 cm high.

In the image in question, Hodgson points out that the formations visible around the hole are low on the left and high on the right, and further states that these formations are silt . This stratum was probably deposited about 4 billion years ago, and there are traces of wind erosion inside the hole after it was exposed on the ground of Mars. In addition, the vertical cracks that can be seen in the image include those caused by weathering of rocks, and it seems that 'door-shaped holes' were formed at the intersection of the vertical cracks and the stratum, Hodgson said. I am.

In addition, the collapse of the rock that caused the hole to look like a door was caused by the gravity of Mars, Hodgson said, `` The gravity of Mars is not so strong, but it is strong enough for the rock to fall. '. In addition, the rock that fell due to gravity has fallen to the right of the hole, and since the cross section is smooth, it can be inferred that it has fallen and the day is still shallow. 'Everything is very natural and resembles the outcrops found in many dry places on Earth,' Hodgson said.

by Kevin Gill

Mangold agrees with the theory that door-shaped holes are natural, 'two-way cracks create an'open box'-like terrain that looks like a door. There is no such thing. ' There is also a theory on the Internet that 'a hole may have been created due to an earthquake that occurs on Mars (Marsquake)', but there is no need for a large earthquake to form cracks or fall rocks, and water Mangold says that cracks may have occurred due to the pressure of the planet and changes in the temperature of the planet's surface.

'It's a really beautiful cracked outcrop,' said Angelo Pio Rossi, a geologist at the University of Jacobs, Germany, claiming that the door-shaped holes were also natural. 'The cracks are not created directly by the Martian earthquake, but are geological deformations over time,' he said.

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