Twitter has released a free game where you can learn 'safe usage of Twitter' so I tried playing it

A game ' Adventure of Twitter Data ' that allows you to learn how to use Twitter safely while playing has been released, so I actually played it.

'Adventure of Twitter Data' is published at the following link. The game can be played on both PCs and smartphones.

Twitter Data Dash: Level up your privacy game

When you access the above link, the following screen will be displayed, so click the game screen in the center to start the game.

Since the language selection screen was displayed first, I selected 'Japanese' this time.

When the title screen is displayed, click 'Start'.

Click the arrow button when the game description screen is displayed.

Then, the screen for selecting the character and level will be displayed. This time I clicked the arrow button without changing anything.

The gameplay screen looks like this. You can move the character back and forth or make it jump by clicking the button at the bottom of the screen. You can also operate it with the arrow keys on the keyboard.

The purpose of the first stage is to collect 'bones' while avoiding 'cat ads'.

Clear the stage by collecting 5 'bones' scattered on the stage.

'Cat advertisement' is also placed on the stage, and if you touch 'Cat advertisement', it will be inoperable for a certain period of time. However, no matter how many times you touch the 'cat advertisement', the game will not be over, so even people who are not good at games can easily play it.

After collecting 5 'bones', the explanation 'Twitter customizes ads according to user behavior' was displayed. In other words, if you collect information about 'bones' on Twitter, you will get advertisements related to 'bones'.

The goal of the next stage is to 'avoid unnecessary messages and catch only what you have.'

It's OK if you collect messages with bone marks while avoiding the yellow messages on the stage.

When you clear the stage, you will see the commentary 'Twitter allows you to

select users who can send direct messages to you.' In addition, there is one-point advice that 'even if you delete a direct message from your inbox, it will remain in the other party's inbox'.

After actually playing 'Adventure of Twitter Data', every time I cleared the stage, the explanation related to the stage was displayed, and I was able to learn how to use Twitter.

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