70-year-old 'WIRED' co-founder thinks '103 things I should have known when I was young'


Christopher Michel

Kevin Kelly, the editor who was involved in the founding of the cultural media 'WIRED', turned 70 on April 28, 2022 and wrote his thoughts on 'wisdom that I should have known when I was young' on my blog. ..

The Technium: 103 Bits of Advice I Wish I Had Known

Mr. Kelly published ' 68 advices for young people' on his 68th birthday and ' 99 more advices' on his 69th birthday, and this time the number is increasing. In addition, it seems that there is no distinction such as 'the higher it is, the more important it is', but below, it is arranged in the order listed by Mr. Kelly with a break for every five.

・ With a probability of about 99%, now is the time.
・ No one is as impressed with your belongings as you are
・ Never work for someone you don't want to be
・ Raise 12 people who will like you. It's worth being liked by 12 people rather than being liked by 12 million people
・ Make new mistakes so as not to repeat the same mistakes

If you listen to musicians or street performers for more than a minute, you've borrowed them $ 1.
・ What you say before the word 'but' is not counted
・ If you forgive others, they may not notice, but you will be healed. Forgiveness is a gift to yourself, not for others.
・ There is no cost for etiquette. If you use the toilet, lower the toilet seat. In the elevator, let's get off the person who is riding before you get on. Return your shopping cart to its designated location. When you borrow something, return it in a cleaner condition than when you borrowed it.
・ If you have an alternative discussion, look for a third party.

-Efficiency is very overestimated and sabotage is very underestimated. Regular rest, long vacations, unreliable walks and off-time are essential for the best performance of all kinds. The best work ethic requires good rest ethic
• When you are a leader, your real job is not to make more followers, but to make more leaders.
・ Critique in private and praise in public
• Life lessons are presented to you in the required order. Everything you need to learn that lesson is in you. If you think you really learned a lesson, the following lesson will be presented. Being alive means that you still have lessons to learn
・ It is the student's duty to hear everything from the teacher, and it is the teacher's duty to hear everything from the student.

・ If winning the game becomes too important, change the rules to make it more fun. Changing the rules can be a new game
・ If you ask the funder for money, they will give you advice. On the contrary, if you ask for advice, they will give you money.
Productivity is often a distraction. Instead of aiming for a better way to get the task done as soon as possible, rather aim for a better task that you never want to quit.
· Immediately pay the amount you should pay to vendors, workers and contractors. That way, they will choose you first the next time they work
The biggest lie we tell ourselves is, 'I remember, so I don't have to write it down.'

Whether you have grown up as a rational person depends on whether you dare to have an unpleasant conversation.
・ Speak confidently as if you were right and listen carefully as if you were wrong
・ Trivia: Your height is the distance between your fingers when you raise your arms to shoulder height and fully extend them.
Effort (exercise, companionship, work) is more about coherence than quantity. Nothing beats the little things you do every day, and it's much more important than doing it once in a while.
・ Creating art is not selfish. If you don't do what you need to do, it's deceiving the people around you.

・ Do not ask a woman if she is pregnant. If you're pregnant, let her know
・ Three things you need: the power to not give up until it works, the power to give up what doesn't work, and trust in others to help distinguish between the two.
・ When speaking in public, pose diligently. Take a variety of poses, including poses before you say something new, poses after you say something important, and poses that make you feel relieved so that your listeners can absorb the details.
・ It is impossible to be on time. You can either be late or leave early. Is your choice
・ Ask the person you admire. Their luck is in a detour from their main goal. So let's accept the detour. Life is not straight for everyone

The best way to get the right answer on the internet is to post an apparently wrong answer and wait for someone to correct it.
Complimenting good behavior will give 10 times better results than punishing bad behavior, especially for children and animals.
・ Take as much time as the body of the email to create the subject. This is because many people only read the subject
・ Let's dance in the rain without waiting for the storm to pass
• When checking a job seeker's testimonial, the former employer may be reluctant or forbidden to say negative things. So, leave or send the message, 'If you strongly recommend this job seeker as superb, please reply.' If you don't get a reply, take it as negative

・ Use a password manager. Safer, easier, better
・ Half of the culture you learn is to learn what you can ignore
The advantage of a ridiculously ambitious goal is to set the hurdles very high. Even if it fails, it may be successful in the eyes of the average person.
A great way to understand yourself is to take a serious look back at all the frustrations you feel with others.
・ In the hotel room, do not put it in the drawer, put all the luggage in a visible place, and collect it in one place. That way, you won't forget anything. If you need to put a charger or something aside, it's a good idea to put two other big ones next to it. It's less likely to forget three things than to forget one


Christopher Michel

・ It is rude to deny or distract the compliment. Even if you think it's not suitable, take it with gratitude.
・ Be sure to read the plate next to the monument
・ When you have some success, you may feel that you are a scammer. Who am I fooling? When. But if you make something that only you can do, that is, if you make use of your own talents and experiences, you are definitely not a scammer. It's your destiny. It's your duty to work on what only you can do.
What you do on a bad day is more important than what you do on a good day
・ Make something good for people to have

・ If you open the paint even a little, it will surely stick to your clothes no matter how careful you are. Dress appropriately
・ To help young children behave well on a car trip, put their favorite candies in a bag and throw them out of the window each time they do something wrong.
・ You can't get a smart person to work hard just for money
・ When you don't know how much you should pay for a job, when you ask 'what is fair', you usually answer 'as usual'.
-90% of everything is junk. If you don't like opera, romance novels, TikTok, country music, vegan food, or NFTs, keep trying to find the remaining 10%. It's not junk

・ You will be judged by others how much you can do for those who do nothing for you.
• We tend to overestimate what we can do in a day and underestimate what we can achieve in 10 years. In 10 years, miraculous things will be accomplished. In the long run, small stacks will overcome big mistakes.
・ Thank you to the teacher who changed your life
・ You cannot convince people that you are not convinced
・ Your best job is a job that was not suitable for your growth

・ Purchase used books. The written words are the same as the new ones. So is the library
・ Because you can be anything, be the one who finishes the meeting early.
・ A wise man said. 'Before speaking, pass your words through the three gates. At the first gate, ask yourself,'Is it true?'. At the second gate, ask,'Is it necessary?' At the third gate, ask, 'Are you kind words?'
・ Let's use the stairs
・ The amount of money actually paid for something will eventually be double the amount at the planning stage. It costs energy, time, setup costs, maintenance, repairs, disposal costs, etc.

・ When you arrive at the hotel, check the location of the emergency exit. You can see it in a minute
・ The only productive answer to the question 'what to do now' is to first tackle the question 'who should be'.
· Maintaining average returns over average results in extraordinary results
・ It is thrilling to deal with rude others very politely.
・ It is possible that a person who is not very smart who can communicate well can produce much better results than a person who is super smart who cannot communicate well. Because improving communication skills is much easier than improving intelligence.

・ Sometimes being deceived is a small price to do the best for everyone.
・ Art can be anything that is allowed.
The best way to build a best relationship with your child is to spend only half the money and double the time.
・ Purchase the latest tourist guidebooks for your town or region. You can learn a lot by becoming a tourist once a year
・ Don't wait in line to eat famous food. It's rarely worth the wait

・ To quickly find out the true nature of a person you just met, you can use an extremely slow internet line and observe it.
The way to gain popularity is to do something strange and get into the habit of strange things.
・ Make a backup. Have at least one physical backup and one in the cloud, and have multiple of each. If I lose all your data, photos and notes, how much can I recover? Backup is cheap compared to regret
・ Do not believe everything you believe in.
・ Apply the law of 3 to inform you of an emergency. 3 screams, 3 horns, 3 whistles

・ Whether to order something that you find delicious at the restaurant or try something new. Do you want to make something that you know will sell or try something new? Will you continue to associate with new people or connect with people you have already met? The perfect balance between exploring new things and leveraging what you've found once is '1/3'. Spend 1/3 of your time exploring and 2/3 of your time digging. As you get older, spending time exploring can seem unproductive and difficult, but aim to spend time exploring.
・ The subject line of 'Great Opportunity' does not say 'Great Opportunity'
・ If someone introduces you, make eye contact and count up to 4. Now you can remember each other
If you think 'where is a good knife' and 'where is a good pen', it means that you have a 'bad thing'. Throw it away
・ If you get stuck, explain your problem to others. Organizing problems often reveals solutions. Make 'explaining the problem' part of the troubleshooting process

by Christopher Michel

• When buying garden hoses, extension cords, and ladders, buy much longer than you think you need. Then it will be the right size
・ You can make a new one without fighting the old one.
• Your group can accomplish big things far beyond their height simply by showing that they are grateful to others.
When someone talks about a good time before things go downhill, the peak of life, it's always the year when he was 10 years old. It's the same for every human being
・ You are as big as the object of your anger

・ When speaking to an audience, it is better to fix the line of sight to a few people rather than 'scatter' the line of sight in the room. Your eyes tell the other person 'whether you believe what you are saying'
・ Habits are much more reliable than inspiration. Make progress by developing habits. Focus on becoming a person who does not lack exercise, not on shaping
・ When negotiating, let's aim to make something big, not to make something big
・ If you repeat what you did today 365 times more, will it be the ideal you want to meet next year?
・ You see only 2% of others, and the other person sees only 2% of you. Focus on the hidden 98%

・ Your time and space are limited. Get rid of things that don't feel joy, let go, throw them away, and make space for things that feel joy.
• Our descendants will accomplish something that will surprise us. But some of what they produce could have been made by us with the current materials and tools if we had the imagination. Think bigger
・ To get a big harvest, be especially curious about what you are not interested in
・ Please emphasize the direction, not the destination. If you keep the right direction, you should be able to get where you want to go.
• Every breakthrough is ridiculous enough to make you laugh at first. In fact, if it doesn't start with funny stories or stupid things, it's not a breakthrough

If you lend $ 20 to someone and the other person avoids repayment and never sees you again, it's worth $ 20.
・ Imitation of others is a good way to start. Imitating yourself is a disappointing end
The best time to negotiate a salary for a new job is after, not before, when the other person wants you. Then, it will be a chicken race where each other gives the amount first, but it is advantageous to let the numbers come out first.
・ Aim directly at surprises, not at the helm of life to avoid surprises.
・ If you rent a car with a credit card, do not take out extra insurance.

• If your opinion on one subject can be predicted from your opinion on another subject, you may be dominated by ideology. If you really think for yourself, your conclusions are unpredictable
・ Aim to die without a sentence and give it to the beneficiaries before they die. It's more fun and useful. Let's use them all. The last check can be sent to the funeral company.
・ The best preventive measure against aging is to continue to be surprised

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