Corporal punishment for children is illegal in Wales, and the government says that if you see a guardian hitting a child, report it to the police or the welfare department.

In Wales, one of the members of Great Britain and the United Kingdom of Northern Ireland, a law banning corporal punishment of children came into force on March 21, 2022.

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The Children (Abolition of Defense of Reasonable Punishment) (Wales) Act 2020 , which came into effect on March 21 in Wales, is a common law in England and Wales. Is able to give moderate and reasonable corporal punishment for the purpose of correcting the bad things of children. ' It is something to do.

Just as the law prohibits assault on adults, any corporal punishment for children is illegal in Wales. Target actions include tapping, beating, slap, and shaking, but also include all other physical actions. However, the act of stopping them from jumping out onto the road or holding them down so as not to harm other children is excluded. Also, because everyone in Wales is covered, it may be illegal for a parent of a family traveling abroad, for example, to hit his or her child, to be reported to the police.

In a Q & A site about the law, the Wales government said, 'Corporal punishment of children would break the law and risk being arrested and prosecuted for assault, which could lead to criminal records. '. We also called on those who saw their children to be corporal punished to consult the nearest Social Welfare Department or to call the police in case of an emergency.

'This is a historic moment when corporal punishment is a thing of the past for Welsh children and their rights,' said Julie Morgan, Deputy Minister of Social Services, who has been instrumental in this legislative change for over 20 years. We welcomed the entry into force of the law.

'Until now, children have been the only ones in our society who can be beaten under certain circumstances,' said Bib Reing, a spokeswoman for the child welfare organization NSPCC Cymru Wales. It is unreasonable that only children could be hit for a long time, even though they are not allowed to hit animals or animals. '

On the other hand, some opposition and conservatives are worried that this law may lead to a ' Stasi (secret police) culture' that treats parents as criminals and illegally informs people close to them. It's up. 'I'm very worried that the Stasi culture will be promoted in Wales,' said Gareth Davis, a Conservative member and Minister of Social Services in the Shadow Cabinet , which is organized by opposition members. In a society like this, parents who train their children in the way they think are right will be informed by the police. '

In addition, although corporal punishment for children has been outlawed in Scotland and Wales, there is a temperature difference in the UK regarding the pros and cons of corporal punishment for children, as discussions on similar laws have not progressed in England and Northern Ireland. 'My belief is to trust parents, and parents should have the right to have their children,' Nadhim Zahawi, the British Minister of Education, said on the radio. No one would think that was bad. '

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