Twitter bans misleading ads about climate change

'We believe that denial of climate change should not be monetized on Twitter, and that misrepresented advertising should not interfere with important discussions about the climate crisis,' Twitter said on

Earth Day , April 22, 2022. He announced that he would ban advertising that would be inconsistent with the scientific agreement on climate change.

Accelerating our climate commitments on Earth Day

Twitter bans'misleading' ads about climate change --The Verge

Twitter bases its scientific consensus on climate change on 'authoritative sources' such as the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The IPCC has released a report on climate change, summarizing what humanity should do to adapt to climate change and how to avoid the intensification of climate disasters and the violence of wildfires. I am.

According to Twitter, the frequency of topics related to 'sustainability' on Twitter has increased 2.5 times since 2021 compared to before. In particular, discussions on 'decarbonization' to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel combustion have increased 1.5 times, and discussions on waste reduction have more than doubled.

To properly provide these discussions on Twitter, Twitter 'recognizes that misleading information about climate change can hinder efforts to protect the planet,' said 'Climate.' Inconsistent with the scientific consensus on fluctuations, we have announced that we will ban 'misleading ads on Twitter' in accordance with inappropriate content policies .

In October 2021, YouTube also took measures to raise skepticism about climate change and stop advertising containing false information about climate change.

YouTube Stops Monetizing Content That Denies Climate Change-GIGAZINE

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