'MOW PRIME cookie & cream' tasting review that goes well with cookie that crumbles and thick ice cream

Among Morinaga Milk Industry's ice cream '

MOW ', ' MOW PRIME ' is a series that combines ice cream that pursues the deliciousness of milk and carefully selected ingredients with a texture. ' MOW PRIME Cookies & Cream ' using newly selected Hokkaido mascarpone appeared on April 18, 2022, so I actually tried it.

'MOW PRIME Cookies & Cream' will be released on April 18th (Monday) | News Release | Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd.

This is the 'MOW PRIME cookie & cream' package.

Dairy products, cookies, sweetened egg yolks, etc. are used as raw materials.

Calories are 204 kcal per cup.

First, open the paper package that wraps the cup.

Take out the cup from inside.

When I opened the lid of the cup, I found ice cream with plenty of cookie. It has a simple structure with cookies placed on pure white smooth ice cream.

The texture of the cookie is slightly moist and soft enough to crumble, and it feels like a gateau chocolate. It is not something that you can feel the sweetness with a single bite, but a modest sweetness that makes you feel the sweetness gradually while you are chewing. I feel a little salty. On the other hand, the ice cream part has a strong sweetness and vanilla scent, so it is well-balanced with cookies.

The price of 'MOW PRIME Cookies & Cream' is 180 yen excluding tax. It has been on sale nationwide since April 18, 2022.

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