A former Nintendo employee complains that he was 'dismissed because he was disturbed by the union formation.'

From the latest documents submitted to the

National Labor Relations Commission (NLRB), which guarantees employees the right to organize unions and bargain collectively with their employers, Nintendo is protected by U.S. law to 'form a union.' It has been revealed that he received a complaint from a former employee for 'infringing his rights.'

Nintendo hit with National Labor Relations Board complaint

Former Nintendo employee says they were fired for union activity --The Verge

The poor working environment has long been regarded as a problem in the game industry, and it is reported that overtime was forced at the development site of ' Cyberpunk 2077 ', which was released in 2020 and became a hot topic. However, although game developers think that 'developers should unite' to improve the working environment, research has revealed that they have no hope of forming a trade union.

Approximately half of game developers think that trade unions need it, but it is clear that they have no hope for it-GIGAZINE

However, the movement to form a union has accelerated in recent years, and it is reported that some employees of Activision Blizzard, known for the Call of Duty series, have started the union movement .

A former Nintendo employee who has been working toward the formation of a union in the game industry filed a complaint with NLRB on April 15, 2022 (Friday). According to the allegations, Nintendo and the world-renowned employment company Aston Carter, which the company uses to hire, have taken steps to infringe on the legally recognized rights of union formation for employees. It is said that.

At the time of writing, the allegations did not provide details about the situation, but engaged in activities permitted by law, such as 'monitoring union activities by employees' and 'discussing wages and other employment conditions.' It is said that 'dismissal of employees' and 'dismissal of employees who joined or supported the labor union' are being carried out.

Axios also reports that 'Nintendo has largely avoided industry-shaking scandals, at least publicly, but the allegations filed with NLRB could overturn it,' the allegations turned into a major scandal. It suggests the possibility of becoming. Professor Harley-Davidson, a labor expert at the University of California, Berkeley, also said, 'If NLRB raises this suspicion, it's pretty serious and their action is very realistic.' ..

Axios is asking both Nintendo and Aston Carter for comment, but no response has been obtained at the time of writing the article.

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