California power grid records 97.6% renewable energy

In California, USA, which aims to switch all power sources to renewable energy by 2045, it was reported that renewable energy accounted for 97.6% of the power grid that temporarily covers the state. .. This percentage is the highest ever.

California grid set record of 97% renewable power on April 3

According to the

California Independent System Operator (ISO) , a non-profit organization that manages electricity in the state, which was created by the California State Legislature, at 15:39 on April 3, 2022, 97.6% of the electricity source was temporarily used. Renewable energy occupied it. This record surpassed the 96.4% recorded on March 27, 2022, a record high.

The state of California has enacted a law in 2018 to switch the entire state's electricity to 100% renewable and carbon-free energy, and is in the process of reforming the power grid and power sources throughout the state. In 2021, we published a 178-page report showing the future path, showing investment and research plans for expanding power generation capacity and developing new technologies.

'This new record is a testament to the efforts and cooperation of many people, from policy makers to system operators, and these record highs are short-term,' said Elliott Mainzer, vice president and CEO of ISO. But it is a solid indication of the progress being made to ensure that California's clean energy goals are achieved. '

Save California Solar , which promotes rooftop solar panels, said, 'The peak of renewable energy usually comes in spring because the maximum use of solar energy is in spring due to the mild temperature and the gentle angle of the sun. California's renewable energy progress is a better indicator when measured on a hot summer day in August than on a cool spring day in April. ' Following the increased cost of rooftop solar panels from the California Public Utility Commission, the group claimed that 'stopping the progress of rooftop solar makes it impossible to reach that goal.'

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