Apple's privacy protection is so thorough that it limits the performance of its products, what is the example?

Apple is focusing on protecting the privacy of users by adding an anti-tracking function to the web browser 'Safari' and specifying the purpose of data in the App Store. According to Apple's strict privacy protection guidelines, some functions are restricted even in its own products, and the case is summarized by The Information of overseas media.

Apple's Privacy Rules Leave Its Engineers in the Dark — The Information

If you are an iPhone or iPad user, you should have experienced the following 'screen to select whether to track' when installing the app. This display is part of Apple's privacy protection efforts to 'let users decide how to handle their information.'

Apple attaches great importance to protecting the privacy of its users, and has introduced many of the above privacy protection mechanisms into its products. In addition, Apple's privacy protection guidelines are developed not only by apps developed by third-party vendors but also by Apple itself, such as a screen similar to the above 'Screen to select whether to allow tracking' is displayed even when installing genuine Apple apps. It is also applied to apps and operating systems.

In iOS 15, it is a response to antitrust proceedings so that it can be confirmed whether tracking is possible even with the genuine Apple application --GIGAZINE

According to The Information, Apple's privacy protection staff have greater authority than senior development staff. Therefore, if a new feature under development does not comply with the privacy protection guidelines, the privacy protection staff can forgo the new feature. For example, the 'Speak to Siri to shop feature' that was developed in 2015 was discontinued because 'I can't find a workaround for linking the voice information collected by Siri with my Apple ID.'

Apple's privacy measures can make Apple products inferior to their rivals. For example, the video streaming service 'Apple TV +' minimizes the information collected from users in accordance with the privacy protection guidelines, so compared to rival services such as Netflix, 'the function to recommend movies that users like' The accuracy is low.

In addition, Apple's genuine map application 'Map' is equipped with a route search function like rival services such as 'Google Maps', but unlike rival services, it collects information such as 'starting point and destination point'. It is also pointed out that the accuracy of the route search function is low because there is no such thing.

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