It's been 5 days since the cloud version of Confluence / Jira went down, and Atlassian will spend another 2 weeks rebuilding.

Atlassian's cloud services, which deploy the workspace tool

Confluence and the software development tool Jira , have been down for several days. In response to user inquiries, Atlassian responds that the process is complex and will take up to two weeks to rebuild.

Atlassian Status

Atlassian products have been down for 4 days | Hacker News

On April 11, 2022, Hacker News talked about the fact that Atlassian's cloud service remained unavailable for four days.

'Atlassian products such as Jira are down ... 4 days? It's unbelievable. With the No. 1 project management SaaS , hours or even days?' Is Gergely Orosz, who writes the number one tech letter on the newsletter service Substack.

According to Kjartan Rekdal Müller of Norwegian video production service NEP Norway , the reconstruction process is complicated, so the end time can not be read, and Atlassian has contacted us that the guideline for revival is 2 weeks.

Atlassian has decided to end support for server products on February 15, 2024 local time, calling on users to move to cloud services, but this time users who set up their own servers On the other hand, users who were using cloud services are being affected.

Atlassian Server End of Support (Sales / Support) Information | Atlassian

Promote a trip to the cloud together | Atlassian Japan Official Blog | Atlassian Co., Ltd.

The Japanese version of the announcement was announced on April 13, 2022.

Atlassian Service Suspension Affecting Some Customers | Atlassian Japan Official Blog | Atlassian Co., Ltd.

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