[Free manga] Anyway, I want to bully Asahina-san Episode 10 'Yuhi, go to visit' & Tsundere girl 'Dele' I tried to collect

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Anyway, I want to be bullied Asahina-san | Junta, GIGAZINE | Amazon

◆ Synopsis
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◆ I tried to collect Hikaru's 'Dele' who likes Yuhi too much
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◆ Synopsis
Hikaru Asahina, the only daughter of a millionaire, has been spending a little time with Yuhi Yahashi since she was a child.
Yuhi, who wants to get along with her favorite Hikaru again, is swayed by Hikaru's mischief, but there is a hidden plan behind Hikaru's actions ...!
It is a cute, laughable and adorable full-color four-frame of a girl and a girl who lead to strange things.

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Anyway, Mr. Asahina who wants to be bullied Episode 10 'Yuhi, go to visit'

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◆ Profile of the author of 'Mr. Asahina who wants to be bullied anyway'
Manga: Junta

◆ I tried to collect Hikaru's 'Dele' who likes Yuhi too much
'Anyway, I want to be bullied, Asahina-san' depicts Hikaru's plan to train mediocre Yuhi, who is often not good at it, into a perfect woman. For this reason, there are many scenes where Hikaru hits Yuhi severely, but in some places there is a 'dele' of Hikaru who is overwhelmed with love and eats pure Yuhi's counter. Such a tsundere? I collected Nahikaru's 'Dele' scenes.

Hikaru gives a harsh word to Yuhi, who won the first prize at the athletic meet after harsh special training.

When my classmates praise Yuhi, I can't help but smile. Hikaru's smile for Yuhi, which is still secret to Yuhi.

Also, when Yuhi, who became a professional looking for something, finds a smartphone that Hikaru has lost, Hikaru threatens Yuhi.

That's because there was an important photo that I really didn't want to see. In order for Yuhi to grow from the shadows, Hikaru's feelings must still be kept secret.

Natural and pure Yuhi's words and actions can unexpectedly eat the counter.

If someone other than yourself is mischievous, there are scenes where you expose your emotions to protect your favorite Yuhi.

Hikaru usually looks cool and perfect, but he spares no effort for Yuhi. Because of Yuhi's special training, which is not good at singing, he keeps listening to Yuhi's singing voice in karaoke ...

For Yuhi, who likes to draw pictures, he borrowed his father's horse with the expectation that he would get very angry.

The episode 'Hikaru and Yuhi no Encounter', which triggered the birth of Hikaru's overflowing affection, is included only in comics . Please check it out!

Anyway, I want to be bullied Asahina-san | Junta, GIGAZINE | Amazon

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