Windows official Twitter tweeted 'Let's clean the contents of Windows!' With a photo of Mac.

People in the company are actually using rival company products, such as it became clear that a person in

Samsung who has been dissipating the iPhone was using the iPhone to tweet the promotion of the Galaxy terminal . There are some cases like that. In the past, Microsoft also released a commercial that asked MacBook to dissipate the MacBook, but it has become clear that people in the Windows developed by the company were actually using the iMac.

Microsoft deletes tweet from Windows account featuring an iMac --9to5Mac

Overseas, it is not uncommon to promote the superiority of our products while pulling down the products of rival companies. For example, in the smartphone industry, Samsung released 'a movie until I was an iPhone believer and switched to Galaxy ' for iPhone, which boasts an overwhelming share in the market, and then Motorola was ' iPhone believer' for Samsung. I have released a movie until I switched to Galaxy and was fascinated by Motorola .

Microsoft has also released 'Surface CM to have MacBook dissipate MacBook' comparing Apple's MacBook and the company's Surface in the past, and you can check what it is in the following article.

Microsoft unveils new Surface commercial for MacBook to dissipate MacBook-GIGAZINE

On March 30, 2022, Microsoft said from the official Windows Twitter account, 'Spring Cleaning? Carmen Zlateff, Windows Program Management Partner Director, talks about how to clean your PC safely and smoothly. Please try it, 'tweeted Zlateff, sharing' How to remove unwanted applications from Windows 'that Zlateff told Bustle of foreign media.

However, the computer used by the person in the image attached to this tweet was an iMac, not a Windows PC. If this is an Intel-equipped iMac, it's possible that you've used Boot Camp to install Windows on your Mac, but what you see in the picture is the new M1-equipped iMac , which is an Apple-developed processor such as the M1. Due to the lack of Windows support at Boot Camp, we're end up getting slammed by Twitter users.

A few hours after posting, the official Windows Twitter account has deleted the tweet.

9to5Mac, which reports Apple-related news, reports that 'Microsoft has its own device lineup such as Surface Laptop, Surface Pro, Surface Studio, etc., but it is strange to choose a picture of Apple's iMac.' ..

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