'When the Super Cup soy sauce ramen was reincarnated, it became yakisoba' is the reproducibility of the fan coveted that the soup was lost from the Super Cup.

Acecock's popular cup ramen '

Super Cup Soy Sauce Ramen ' and ' Super Cup Pork Kimchi Ramen ' have been changed to Yakisoba . ' When I reincarnated, I became yakisoba ' will appear on April 18, 2022 (Monday). I was wondering what it was like with the power word that ramen became yakisoba, so I actually tried this product that I got earlier.

'When the Super Cup soy sauce ramen was reincarnated, it became fried noodles.' 'When the Super Cup pork kimchi ramen was reincarnated, it became fried noodles.'
(PDF file) https://www.acecook.co.jp/news/pdf/2203_LSYT.pdf

This is the package of 'When Super Cup Soy Sauce Ramen was reincarnated, it became Yakisoba' and 'When Super Cup Pork Kimchi Ramen was reincarnated, it became Yakisoba'.

It was written that 'the package remains almost the same !?', so I prepared 'Super Cup Soy Sauce Ramen' (right) and compared it. The design of the lid is not very similar, but the logos of 'Chicken Gala Soy Sauce Ramen' and 'Super Cup' remain the same. The big difference is the image photo and the 'hot water cut' at the top.

The packaging of 'Super Cup Soy Sauce Ramen' has also changed from paper to plastic. It seems that consideration is given to the fact that it is necessary to touch the package extra when throwing away the hot water.

Soy sauce, lard, chicken oil, etc. are used as raw materials.

Calories are 494 kcal per serving.

I will actually make it. First, open the lid halfway ...

Take out the 'seasoned sauce' and 'kayaku'.

First of all, put in a scent ...

Add hot water, close the lid and wait 3 minutes.

After 3 minutes, open the lid of the hot water outlet ...

Discard the hot water.

The contents of the cup after pouring hot water look like this.

Put the seasoning here ...

Mix well.

It's time to eat. It is no exaggeration to say that the softness of the noodles and the aroma of the soup are similar to those of 'Super Cup Soy Sauce Ramen', but since there is no soup, the taste of the seasoning entwined with the noodles is a little strong. Probably because the noodles are covered with oil, the noodles are smoother and smoother than ramen, and they maintain a firm texture without being lumpy. Imagine the taste of a Super Cup and eat it, so it's definitely a finish that Super Cup fans will love.

Next, I will try 'Super Cup Pork Kimchi Ramen Reincarnated as Yakisoba'.

Raw materials include lard, flavor oil, and seafood extract.

Calories are 506 kcal per serving.

First, open the lid and take out the powdered 'finish seasoning' and the liquid 'noodle loosening flavor oil'. Kayaku was already in.

Add hot water as it is, cover it and wait for 3 minutes.

After 3 minutes, throw away the hot water ...

Add flavor oil.

Then, loosen the noodles once.

Then sprinkle the finishing seasoning evenly ...

Mix well and it's done.

A spicy ramen with kimchi-like acidity, pork-like sweetness and richness. The oil-covered noodles that entwined with the tongue slightly enhance the junky feeling, giving it a taste like 'Mazesoba'. Perhaps because of the lack of soup, I was able to experience the 'unique kimchi scent' that was difficult to feel when eating 'Super Cup Pork Kimchi Ramen.' After all, the taste was similar to that of 'Super Cup Pork Kimchi Ramen', which reminded me of the taste of the product.

The prices of 'Super Cup Soy Sauce Ramen became Yakisoba when reincarnated' and 'Super Cup Pork Kimchi Ramen became Yakisoba when reincarnated' are both 210 yen excluding tax and will be sold nationwide from April 18, 2022. Will be done. You can also purchase it at Amazon.co.jp.

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Amazon | Acecock Super Cup When the pork kimchi ramen is reincarnated, it becomes yakisoba 106g x 12 | Acecock | Yakisoba mail order

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