Ukrainian Governor 'inadvertently overslept' to avoid Russian missile bombing

Russia is bombing various parts of Ukraine in a military invasion , and on March 29, the state hall of Mykolaiv (Mikolaiv) , a port city in southern Ukraine, was bombed by Russian troops, killing at least 12 people. did. However, Governor Mykolaiv's Vitaly Kim, who appears to be the target, is reported to have been able to avoid the bombing thanks to 'inadvertently oversleeping.'

'I overslept': How Mykolaiv governor dodged Russian missile strike

Ukraine mayor survives rocket assassination attempt because he overslept --World News --Mirror Online

Ukraine Mayor Escapes Death After Sleeping Through Missile Attack

Missile bombing by Russian troops is intensifying, with missile attacks on theaters in Mauripoli in the southeast, where women and children were evacuated, and on March 26, cruise missiles in western Lviv . I did.

Meanwhile, on March 29, the state hall was bombed with missiles in Mykolaiv, a port city in southern Ukraine. The following tweets posted by the Strategic Communication and Information Security Center under the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture and Information Policy show that the center of the State Capitol has been destroyed by missiles.

At least 12 people were killed and 33 were injured in the bombing, according to Reuters. A woman rescued from the building by the rescue team said, 'This is a nightmare. A girl died on the floor I was on. What should I say? Is this a joke? I hugged her. , She died in about two minutes. '

Twelve killed in Ukraine's Mykolaiv as rocket blasts hole in regional HQ | Reuters

The attack on Mykolaiv seems to have been intended to kill Governor Kim, but fortunately Governor Kim was not in the Governor at the time of the bombing and was not directly damaged. Governor Kim posted a video message on SNS after the bombing of the State Capitol.

According to the telegraph of foreign media, Governor Kim said in the video, 'A terrible thing happened early in the morning.' '(Russian troops) waited for people to go to work before attacking. I overslept. But I woke up already. '

Governor Kim was fortunate enough to escape the Russian missile bombing, but Russian attacks are no longer limited to military installations and soldiers, but extend to civilian installations and civilians. In areas controlled by Russian troops, there have been a series of detentions and abductions of the mayor, allegedly to facilitate governance, and President Zelensky claims that several of them have been killed .

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