The image of a huge soap bubble shot at 50,000 fps is overwhelming

Adults and children will be fascinated by the sparkling refraction of soap bubbles and the fragility that disappears quickly.

The Slow Mo Guys on the YouTube channel, which has created unique slow-motion movies such as the explosion fire 'backdraft' and the moment when the airbag explodes, has released the image of such a shabon ball captured by a high-performance high-speed camera. increase.

Popping a Bubble from Inside at 50,000FPS --The Slow Mo Guys --YouTube

These two are The Slow Mo Guys' main personality gab (left side) and Dan (right side).

It's not a small soap bubble that they shoot this time ...

A huge soap bubble with a large frame.

In addition to the common materials distilled water and detergent, glycerin, which makes soap bubbles hard to break, is used for the soap bubbles this time.

The test started immediately. Immerse the frame in the soap solution sprinkled on the floor and slowly lift it to create a columnar soap bubble as shown below. Dan enters this and is going to take a picture of it.

Dan is ready ...

It is the start of shooting. The strength of the soap bubble is outstanding, and soap bubbles are formed so as to cover the whole body of Dan.

Dan also has a surprised face.

When the soap bubble reached above Dan, it hit Dan's shoulder and broke.

The image of the situation shot in slow motion looks like this. You can see how the soap bubbles break from one side of Dan.

Next is a video of Dan poking a soap bubble from the inside and bursting at 20,000 fps. You can see in detail how the holes opened by Dan's fingers spread radially.

And you can watch the video that captures the cracking of soap bubbles at an amazing frame rate of 50,000 fps (50,000 frames per second) from around 9 minutes and 1 second of the movie. Click the embedded link below to start the movie from 9 minutes 1 second.

Popping a Bubble from Inside at 50,000FPS --The Slow Mo Guys --YouTube

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