Which will win the 100m dash of Usain Bolt vs Dilophosaurus?

By J. Brichto

Usain Bolt, the legendary sprinter who won the Beijing Olympics, the London Olympics, and the Rio Olympics three times in a row in the 100m, 200m, and 400m relays and wanted the fame of 'the fastest in human history', and Jurassic Park . A strange paper was published saying that the dinosaur, Dirofosaurus, who had the small villain Nedley covered in poison, would be confronted in the 100m dash.

Would Usain Bolt Beat the Dinosaur Dilophosaurus Wetherilli in a 100-Meter Race: The Physics Teacher: Vol 60, No 3

If Dilophosaurus ran the 100-meter against Usain Bolt, who would win? | Ars Technica

Usain Bolt became a legend because he was 'looking away' when he broke the world record at the time of 9 seconds 69 in the 100m final of the Beijing Olympics. If you look at the documentary footage at that time, you can see that it is certainly turning sideways just before the goal.

[Official] Beijing 2008 Olympic Men's Athletics 100m Usain Bolt [Olympic Impressive Scene] --YouTube

Usain Bolt set a new record by shortening his record by 0.11 seconds in the final of the 12th World Championships in Athletics Berlin held just one year after he swept the gold medal in the 100m, 200m and 400m relays at the Beijing Olympics. Set a world record of '9 seconds 58'. This record has not been broken for over a decade.

[The fastest in the world] Mankind has evolved again! Usain Bolt 9 seconds 58 [World Championships in Athletics Berlin 2009] --YouTube

The purpose of this paper is to 'compete with dinosaurs' for this fastest man of humankind. Surprisingly many studies have been published on the running speed of dinosaurs, and especially for Tyrannosaurus, a paper was published in 2002 that 'the maximum speed is 32 km / h when estimating the muscle mass of the legs from the existing skeleton'. Since then, discussions have continued actively, and in 2017, the paper 'Theoretically, you can get up to 27 km / h, but you get sick before reaching the maximum speed' and 'The moment you reach 18 km / h, the bones of your legs are crushed. The paper has been published.

However, the top speed that Usain Bolt set when he set the world record was '44.7km / h', so Tyrannosaurus is a little unsuitable for comparison. So, the one chosen for comparison was Dilophosaurus, which is said to have a 'maximum speed' that matches the 'average speed' of Usain Bolt.

Dilophosaurus is a dinosaur movie monumental Jurassic Park , a dinosaur that has venomed Ned, the park manager who is dying as a corporate spy.

Jurassic Park (1993) --Nedry's Plan Goes Awry Scene (5/10) | Movieclips --YouTube

However, the appearance of Jurassic Park was inspired by the Frill-necked lizard, and in reality there is no such collar decoration and no ability to spit poison, and what is common between the work and the real thing is 'a half moon with a pair on the head'. It is said that it is only a 'like comb'.

In this paper, Usain Bolt's maximum speed Vmax is 12.08 ± 0.04 m / s , curve fitting parameter k is 0.821 ± 0.009s -1 , and Dilophosaurus Vmax is 10.5 m / s. , The content that the time of 100m run is calculated by setting the parameter k of curve fitting to 0.400 ± 0.223s -1 . Below is a graph showing the relationship between the speed per second (Y-axis) and the time (X-axis) of both, calculated from these preconditions. Usain Bolt is represented by a solid line and Dilophosaurus is represented by a dashed line.

Below is a graph of the mileage (Y-axis) and time (X-axis) obtained by integrating these speeds per second. Again, Usain Bolt is represented by a solid line and Dilophosaurus is represented by a dashed line.

So, in the end, Usain Bolt overwhelms the 100m dash with a big difference of 2 seconds over Dilophosaurus.

This strange paper was published by an organization called the National Association of Physicists and Teachers, which aims to 'disseminate knowledge of physics through education.' So, the purpose of this paper is 'Let's use Usain Bolt and dinosaurs to get students interested in learning physics.' Therefore, the acceleration is not constant this time in the calculation of the mileage of Usain Bolt and Dirofosaurus, but since it is premised that university level algebra is taught to students who are beginners, I dare not use advanced calculus. The method to learn the principle of definite integral of 'calculating the speed from the acceleration every 0.02 seconds and calculating the mileage from it' is explained.

Dilophosaurus, which is the subject of comparison this time, was also selected because its maximum speed is close to the average speed of Usain Bolt, but this is also said to 'experience the difference between maximum speed and average speed'. concept. According to the dissertation author Scott Lee, the lecture of confronting Dilophosaurus and Usain Bolt in the 100m dash seems to be a good bite for the students.

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