It is pointed out that the UFO video that the U.S. Navy recognized as genuine is 'due to the reflection of light'

In 2019, the US Navy certified two UFO videos as genuine. However, Mick West , a columnist in the scientific journal Skeptical Inquiry , points out that 'this video is fake and what appears to be a UFO is due to camera reflections.'

Famous Navy UFO Video Was Actually Camera Glare, Evidence Suggests | PetaPixel

Gimbal UFO --A New Analysis --YouTube

A movie of ' Unidentified Flying Object (UFO)' shot by a U.S. Navy pilot in 2004 and 2015 was leaked in 2017, and in 2019, a U.S. Navy public relations official certified the video as 'real'. At the time of the announcement, the U.S. Navy only described the UFO video as an 'unidentified aerial phenomenon,' and it was not clear what it was. You can check what the UFO video that the US Navy has certified as genuine is in the following article.

The U.S. Navy admits that UFO videos are 'real', but the Navy had no intention of releasing them--GIGAZINE

Regarding the video of the one called ' Gimbal ', 'Four observation items proved that it is highly possible that it is actually an artificial object reflected in the camera. This is probably an infrared reflection and the camera. It suggests the presence of a hot object behind the camera, 'said West. News media PetaPixel describes West as a 'skeptic and UFO expert.'

The video in question 'Gimbal' can be played from:

Gimbal: The First Official UAP Video from the USG for Public Release --YouTube

Mr. West said that it is not clear what the 'hot object' that was moving behind the camera was, but the reflection of light emitted from 'the heat of the engine of another fighter flying nearby' etc. He points out that it was the true identity of the UFO. West also said that the fact that the UFO in the camera is 'relative to the camera' is a good indication of light reflection.

'If this isn't a reflection of light, objects more than 10 miles, perhaps 30 miles away, will rotate in the same way only when the jet barrel rolls,' West added. In addition, this mysterious object somehow hits the camera before it rotates, projecting a pattern of rotating light while minimizing rotation. It's an object that rotates in a way that exactly matches the amount needed to stay in the gimbal system that tracks the target three times. ' doing.

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