Ovens that cannot use some functions without connecting to the Internet are talked about

In recent years, IoT devices equipped with an Internet connection function have been mass-produced, and it has become possible to notify the completion of cooking in a microwave oven and remotely activate heating. Around such IoT devices, users reported that 'I wanted to use a microwave oven, but I was asked to connect to the Internet and it became unavailable.'

Software developer David Bernard reported the unavailability of the microwave oven. When Bernard tried to use the 'convection roasting function' in the oven of GE Appliances , an American home appliance maker, he said to the monitor installed in the microwave oven, 'Please connect to the Internet and update to the latest software.' Notification was displayed. Mr. Bernard said that he tried to connect to the Internet for more than 10 minutes, but the connection failed.

The oven used by Mr. Bernard is ' GE Profile 30' Smart Built-In Twin Flex Convection Wall Oven ', which is a high-end model sold for $ 3,665 (about 420,000 yen) at the time of writing the article. Bernard said that the heating function of the microwave oven was excellent, but told GE Appliances via Twitter that the convection roasting function was not available.

In response to the above tweet, the official account of GE Appliances apologized 'I apologize for the problem with the oven' and asked Bernard to share the model number and serial number.

After Bernard posted the above tweet, the news sharing service Hacker News said, 'Smart ovens are garbage that you wouldn't buy if you have a rational mindset.' There are many criticisms of smart home appliances such as 'No.'

GE won't let me use convection roast on my new oven without connecting to WiFi | Hacker News

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