How long does the effect of muscle training appear at the shortest?

I'm glad I decided to do my best for my health and body make-up, but after a while I became worried, 'Is the muscle training really effective?' Some people should have quit. Dr. Jonathan Sue, a physiotherapist, explains the question that many people are concerned about, 'How long does muscle training work?'

How Long Does It Take to See Results from Exercise?

A 2015 study reported that all older people who underwent muscle training showed improvements in muscle size, strength, weight, etc., and muscle training certainly brings health benefits. However, in reality, many people do not last long even if they start muscle training, and Sue speculates that many people who started muscle training from New Year's Day 2022 have already stopped.

The reason why people stop doing muscle training is that muscle training literally uses muscles to move the body, which causes fatigue and pain, and if you can not recognize the visible effect, you will not be able to continue. Generally, it takes a long time for the muscle training to be effective, but it is thought that the effect cannot be obtained with a little softness. However, according to Mr. Sue, the effect of muscle training comes out faster than people think.

'The answer to how long it takes to see muscle growth and increased strength may surprise you in a good way. Muscle growth for women, both young and old,' said Sue. Observed

studies have shown that the size of the thigh (roughly) muscle swells to levels above the measurement error in just two weeks. '

This study showed that thigh muscle training three days a week resulted in an average thickness of 0.1 inches (about 2.5 millimeters) after two weeks. It may seem that there is almost no difference when you hear 2.5 mm, but if the muscle thickness changes so much in just 2 weeks, you can expect it to be a considerable difference after 3 months or 4 months. I can do it.

In addition, a 2016 study reported that in the case of elderly people who performed 10 x 4 sets of leg press twice a week, the strength of their feet increased by 40% at 10 weeks. 'This result is pretty impressive and gives hope to those who think they can't change their behavior or thinking,' Sue said.

To keep you motivated to continue your muscle training, Sue recommends that you look at the following:

・ Improvement of muscle strength and endurance
'I was able to do push-ups only 8 times last week, but I was able to do 10 times this week.' And gradually increase your muscle strength and endurance. Sue recommends keeping a record of muscle training so that you can feel your growth, as you may overlook these growths by simply doing muscle training indiscriminately.

・ Improvement of movement quality
Even those who did not notice the improvement in muscle strength and endurance may have improved 'quality of movement' in invisible places. The quality of movement refers to the wider range of motion in muscle training and the greater the range of motion that you can move on your own initiative. For example, 'I can bend deeper with squats' and 'I can train my muscles more slowly and consciously than before' are also mentioned as improvements in the quality of movement.

・ Improved resilience
Resilience after muscle training can also be an indicator of your growth. For example, 'the rest time between sets is shorter than before' and 'the pain and tiredness that remains the day after muscle training are reduced' are the results of muscle training. To feel these growths, Sue said it's still better to keep a record of muscle training.

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