A report that consumers earned about 350 billion yen through a smartphone trade-in & transfer program has been released, and there is a big difference in the trade-in price of iPhone and Android

Assurant , a provider of mobile device protection services, has released a report entitled 'Annual Trends in the Mobile Device Trade-in and Transfer Industry 2021 Edition'. The report reveals that consumers earned more than $ 3 billion in 2021 through smartphone trade-in and transfer programs.

Mobile Trade-in and Upgrade Industry Trends 2021 ANNUAL MEMS
(PDF file) https://www.assurant.com/documents/assurant/infographics/assurant-infographic-2021-annual-(1).pdf

Consumers earned over $ 3 billion in trade-ins last year --9to5Mac

The top five smartphones traded in in the United States in 2021 are: The most common was the iPhone XR (29.83%) released in October 2018, followed by the iPhone 11 (20.51%) released in September 2019 and the iPhone 8 (19.37%) released in September 2017. The iPhone 8 Plus (15.82%) released in September 2017, followed by the iPhone X (14.47%) released in October 2017. No smartphones other than the iPhone are ranked in the top five.

Below is a summary of the average trade-in prices for iPhone and Android by year. The average trade-in price of the iPhone was $ 171.11 (about 19,700 yen) in 2019, $ 169.85 (about 19,500 yen) in 2020, and $ 199.13 (about 22,900 yen) in 2021. The average trade-in price for Android is $ 66.82 (about 7700 yen) in 2019, $ 95.37 (about 11,000 yen) in 2020, and $ 98.31 (about 11,300 yen) in 2021. You can see that there is a big difference in the average trade-in price between iPhone and Android.

Below is a summary of the amount of money American consumers have earned through their smartphone trade-in programs. In 2019, it will be 2,378 million dollars (about 270 billion yen), in 2020 it will be 2,117 million dollars (about 240 billion yen), in 2021 it will be 3,043 million dollars (about 350 billion yen), 2021 It has been revealed that the amount of money flowed to consumers via the trade-in program was the highest in the year.

The average years of use of iPhone and Android users are as follows. In 2021, the average age of iPhone users is 3.35 years, the average age of Android users is 2.97 years, and the average age of smartphone users is 3.26 years. Compared to historical data, we can see that all smartphone users are increasing the average number of years they have used their smartphones.

In addition, the graph below summarizes the trade-in price of Apple Watch. It's clear that the new model is being traded in at a high price, but the Apple Watch SE , which appeared at the same time as the Apple Watch Series 6 in 2020, has almost the same trade-in price as the Apple Watch Series 5 that appeared in 2019. You can see that it is being traded.

In particular, the number of trade-in cases increased sharply in the fourth quarter of 2021, and the number of trade-in cases increased by 40% compared to the third quarter. 'The fourth quarter is a holiday shopping season, and it's time for new smartphones to be released, so trade-in and transfer demand is traditionally high,' said Assurant.

Also, according to Assurant, many mobile operators, OEMs and retailers are implementing trade-in transfer programs to facilitate the transition to 5G, so more users are switching to 5G compatible terminals. ... apparently ...

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