Samsung 'Galaxy S22 Ultra' has a bright and easy-to-see display and high specs, and the game experience and video experience are outstanding, but it is evaluated as expensive

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Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2022 ' held on February 9, 2022, Samsung announced the new product 'S22' of the smartphone 'Galaxy' series. The lineup consists of three models, 'S22', 'S22 +' and 'S22 Ultra'. Especially, ' Galaxy S22 Ultra ' incorporates the Galaxy Note series, a phablet terminal positioned between smartphones and tablets, and sings 'redefinition of high-end smartphones'. It is a product. As S22 review articles are published one after another, the pros and cons of it are becoming clear.

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There are various tastes for the appearance, but the body is made of aluminum and the back is made of Gorilla Glass Victus + to achieve both high durability and appearance, so the evaluation is generally high.

However, Mashable's Joseph Volpe cautions that the sleek design is heavy and slippery, and a case is essential. Sascha Segan of PCMag also reports that the use of Gorilla Glass Victus + should have made it harder to scratch, but the Galaxy Note10 Ultra and Galaxy S21 Ultra did not.

Regarding the terminal size, PCMag is negatively evaluated as 'big'. On the other hand, Gizmodo's Florence Ion has a positive comment that it is 'easy to hold for me' because it is narrower than the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The brightness of the display is highly rated by all reviews. Gizmodo specifically mentioned the goodness of the video and gaming experience, and Engadget's Cherlynn Low said the screen was easy to see even in the sun.

One of the points is the 'S Pen' inherited from the Galaxy Note series, which is one of the features. Engadget praises the improved delay, and Mashable also has a good impression that it can be operated intuitively. However, while Allison Johnson of The Verge evaluated that it can be used for a wide range of purposes, he commented that it may take some time to master it. Gizmodo also suggests that it takes some getting used to when creating notes, saying, 'Use voice recognition rather than handwriting.'

One of the points where the evaluation was greatly broken is the battery performance. PCMag highly praises the ability to play videos for 12 hours or more with 100% screen brightness, and Mashable also praises it for 16 hours in everyday use, but The Verge and Engadget are low if the battery life is poor. evaluation. Tom's guide says, 'Battery life is shorter than Galaxy S21 Ultra,' specifically evaluates the ultra-fast charging of 45W compared to the previous model, 'The battery may decrease significantly depending on how you use it, If you think that it can be fully charged in a short time, it may be about plus or minus zero.

Similarly, the evaluation was broken in the camera performance, and the general tone was that 'shooting in the daytime is good' and 'it falls a little at night'. Engadget evaluates 'bokeh' and Tom's guide evaluates 'low-light photography' as improvements. On the other hand, PCMag complained that there are few improvements compared to the Galaxy S21 Ultra, and Gizmodo can take various pictures with four lenses, but in reality it may not be used so finely in the practical part. I am pointing out.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra has a score of 131 on Dxomark, which is known as a camera performance score comparison site. The breakdown is 134 photos, 86 zooms, 114 videos, 13th in the world ranking, and the top in the Galaxy series.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (Exynos) Camera test

Phandroid, which compared the camera performance between the Galaxy S22 + and the Galaxy S22 Ultra, mentioned the '10x telephoto lens' as the only point that the S22 Ultra is significantly different from the S22 +, and said, 'For this one lens, it is an expensive terminal. You don't have to. '

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In general, the predominant view is that the price of 1,200 dollars (about 138,000 yen) is 'high'.

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