'LOST ARK' records the second largest number of simultaneous users in Steam history, Amazon's breakthrough continues


LOST ARK ' developed by Smilegate in South Korea and operated by Amazon Games in Europe and the United States recorded 'the second largest number of simultaneous users in Steam history' in just 24 hours after its appearance on Steam. .. About a year ago, Amazon's game division was described as a 'failure' due to repeated development discontinuances, but it has continued to make great strides since its own MMO ' New World '.

Lost Ark becomes the second most played game in Steam history after just 24 hours --The Verge

'LOST ARK' is a free-to-play MMORPG featuring the latest graphics and a fantasy world view that is conscious of the royal road. The service started in December 2019 in South Korea and in September 2020 in Japan, while the service has not been provided in Europe and the United States for a long time, but by partnering with Amazon Games, 2022 2 The official service will start in Europe and the United States on March 11.

And on the day of the official service, the number of simultaneous users of LOST ARK on Steam surpassed the highest record of 'Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS: GO)' and ' Dota2 ', and became the second place in the history of Steam. The ranking of SteamDB , a third-party site that aggregates various Steam statistics, is as follows.

The record of simultaneous connections of LOST ARK on February 11, 2022 was 1.32 million, which is far behind the record of '3.26 million' achieved by ' PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS ' in January 2018. In terms of the situation, the fact that it surpassed Valve's popular title 'CS: GO' with 1.31 million people and 'Dota 2' with 1.3 million people in just one day is regarded as a breakthrough for Amazon.

Amazon has announced that it has developed multiple titles since it entered the game business, but the development of MOBA `` Breakaway'' set in ancient Rome was discontinued in 2018, and game development in 2019 A large number of people are quietly dismissed . The free-to-play multiplayer TPS 'Crucible', which was released in May 2020, ended its service in just five months, and the game department itself was in jeopardy of its survival.

Why did Amazon's game development department 'Amazon Game Studios', which continues to be discontinued, fail? --GIGAZINE

However, the MMORPG ' New World ' released in September 2021 is ranked 6th in the number of simultaneous users ranking on Steam, and with the success of this LOST ARK, Amazon Games has made two hits in a row. You have released it.

As mentioned above, New World achieved the record of 6th place in the history of Steam in the ranking of the number of simultaneous users, but as of February 14, 2022, the number of simultaneous users was 48,000, suffering from user separation. is.

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