Intel develops dedicated mining chip

In response to rising demand for virtual currency (cryptocurrency), Intel, which was reported to be '

developing a chip dedicated to mining ,' newly manufactures 'blockchain semiconductors using energy-efficient accelerators.' Announced to embark on.

Blockchain and the New Custom Compute Group

Intel launches blockchain chip to tap crypto boom | Reuters

Intel says its new crypto chip is designed to be energy-efficient --The Verge

Intel has announced its intention to contribute to the development of blockchain technology to support blockchain , which is the underlying technology of concepts such as Metaverse , Web3.0 , and cryptocurrencies, which have been attracting attention in recent years. Intel says it will help build and promote an open and secure blockchain ecosystem.

Since some blockchains require a huge amount of computing power, there is a problem that a huge amount of heat energy is generated. Therefore, Intel will try to maximize the potential of blockchain technology while minimizing the impact on the environment by developing the most energy-efficient technology on a large scale.

Intel Labs, Intel's research institute, has been devoted to researching reliable cryptography, hashing technology, and ultra-low voltage circuits for many years. Intel claims that these studies will enable us to develop blockchain accelerators that perform more than 1000 times better per watt than SHA-256-based mining-only GPUs.

According to Intel, the company's first blockchain semiconductor will be shipped in the second half of 2022, and its first customers include companies such as Argo Blockchain , BLOCK and GRIID Infrastructure .

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