'Kirin Afternoon Tea Mellow White Peach Milk Tea' Tasting Review with a mellow scent of white peach

Kirin Afternoon Tea, a tea beverage brand, has a new flavor, Kirin Afternoon Tea, Mellow White Peach Milk Tea, which allows you to enjoy the mellow scent of white peach. I heard that I used '

Uba tea leaves ' which is one of the three major teas in the world, so I was wondering how the fruits and tea leaves are mixed, so I actually drank it.

'Kirin Afternoon Tea Mellow White Peach Milk Tea' New Release on Tuesday, February 15 | 2022 | Kirin Holdings

The bottle of 'Kirin Afternoon Tea Mellow White Peach Milk Tea' looks like this. It is a 500ml PET bottle.

Milk, black tea (20% Uva), etc. are used as raw materials. Since it is fruitless juice, the only white peach element is fragrance.

Calories are 36 kcal per 100 ml. It is 180kcal per 500ml.

It says 'Please shake well before drinking', so I shake it well and pour it into a cup. When you bring your nose closer, you will feel white peach in the scent of milk tea.

The taste is very creamy and has a mellow taste with milk and sugar. There is no bitterness of tea leaves, but you can feel the scent of tea leaves in the sweet scent of white peach and milk tea. The taste is milk tea, and the aroma is half milk tea and half white peach. This drink is perfect for people who want to enjoy a slightly different afternoon tea.

The price of 'Kirin Afternoon Tea Mellow White Peach Milk Tea' is 140 yen excluding tax. It will be sold nationwide from February 15, 2022 (Tuesday).

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