Headline News on February 10, 2022

Set in the magically remodeled 'Tokyo', the original animation ' Estab-Life Great Escape ', which depicts five 'escape shops' who help people who want to escape, will be released in 2022, ahead of the broadcast from April 2022. It will be pre-exclusively distributed on FOD from Tuesday, March 1st.

Anime 'Estab-Life' official website


Delivery is from 17:00 on March 1st (Tuesday) to episodes 1 to 4, from 00:00 on March 22nd (Tuesday) to 5th to 8th episodes, and from 00:00 on April 12th (Tuesday). It will be divided into 3 episodes from 9th episode to 12th episode.

This work is based on Goro Taniguchi of 'Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion,' 'Planetes,' and 'Scryed,' and the director is 'Is the Order a Rabbit?' 』Hiroyuki Hashimoto. The series composition and screenplay is 'Full Metal Panic! 'Shoji Gatoh of' Amagi Brilliant Park 'is in charge.


◆ Staff
Draft / Creative Management: Goro Taniguchi
Director: Hiroyuki Hashimoto
Original: SSF
Series composition / Screenplay: Shoji Gatoh
Character design draft: Yusuke Kozaki
Concept art: Kenichiro Tomiyasu (INEI)
Music: Yoshiaki Fujisawa
Planning / Producing: Slow Curve
Animation production: Polygon Pictures

◆ Cast
Equa: Tomomi Mineuchi
Ferres: Rie Takahashi
Martese: Maria Naganawa
Alga: Hayami Scholarship
Ulla: Shinichiro Miki

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◆ Lifestyle (life / life / health)
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◆ New products (clothes, food, housing)
Suntory 'Iyemon Plus Blood Sugar Level Countermeasures (Foods with Functional Claims)' will be on sale from February 22 (Tuesday)! | News Release List | Suntory Beverage & Food International

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