[Free manga] Anyway, Mr. Asahina who wants to be bullied Episode 7 'The birth of a diva' & making that understands the points of manga production

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◆ Making 'Mr. Asahina who wants to be bullied' who understands the important points in manga production
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◆ Synopsis
Hikaru Asahina, the only daughter of a millionaire, has been spending a little time with Yuhi Yahashi since she was a child.
Yuhi, who wants to get along with her favorite Hikaru again, is swayed by Hikaru's mischief, but there is a hidden plan behind Hikaru's actions ...!
It is a cute, laughable and adorable full-color four-frame of a girl and a girl who lead to strange things.

'Anyway, I want to bully Asahina-san' is scheduled to have 11 episodes in total, and a book will be released when the remaining 4 episodes are posted. If you get a lot of support, we will be able to schedule a sequel, so please spread the manga on Twitter and comment on the form that does not require login!

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Anyway, Mr. Asahina who wants to be bullied Episode 7 'Birth of a Diva'

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◆ Profile of the author of 'Mr. Asahina who wants to be bullied anyway'
Manga: Junta

◆ Understanding the important points in manga production 'Anyway, I want to bully Asahina-san' Making Episodes 1 to 3
In 'Anyway, I want to bully Asahina-san,' the author creates the material and names, and gradually adjusts the content and presentation of the material to finish it. Such manga making was open to the public only at GIGAZINE Secret Club (GSC) because it is possible to understand the important points in manga production while knowing the charm of the work better. This time I will explain a part of it.

The first page of the first episode is the place to be called by the reader first, and it is also the part that is read most often, so it is necessary to devise it with considerable effort. In the image below, from the composition of only the introduction on the left, as shown on the far right of the image, it has become a form of 'First show Mr. Asahina's bad face' and 'Add a frontispiece that shows the atmosphere of the work'. ..

Another big change in the first episode is the scene of 'Seeding' on the 4th page. The content on the far left of the image below was 'Get the teacher to praise you in the class', but since it was 'Isn't it too successful for the first episode of the first episode?', The excitement at a familiar level. change to. Since the first episode is an episode to be read first, you should show all the interesting points without adjusting it, but if you finish all the points, the reader will be satisfied. It is also important to consider the balance.

The change in the second episode is about time series. In the image below, the frame on the left is black, expressing the 'past episode'. This is because the initial plan was set to 'become faster as a result of special training in the flashback scene', but it is one of the reasons why it is difficult to read the time axis going back and forth due to the flashback. So, I changed from recollection to modern times. Recollections are effective for digging into characters and episodes, but if you put them in small steps, you may feel that you have been braked by reading them, so you need to be careful.

In the third episode, there was a point I wanted to pay attention to when making manga. In the image below, only the description that 'there is no slippers' in the left two frames has changed to a strange shape that 'the cake is in place of shoes' in the right two frames. This was changed so that even if a person who does not understand the nature of the work reads it, he can understand that 'this is not a sad bullying but a pretending to be a gag'. In this way, it is difficult to notice 'how the reader feels?' During production, so it is important to stop and think about it.

For the same reason, the following changes have been made. The first frame is a change to make it easier to understand that it is a shoe box at the entrance of the school, and the second frame is a change to alleviate the feeling that 'food is unsanitary in the shoe box?' After all, both are changes that go beyond the author's intention and take into consideration the parts such as 'whether the reader can read smoothly' and 'how the reader feels'.

In addition to delivering the complete version of making, GSC can read manga ahead of time, check back data and production materials that can only be seen there, so I would like to support those who are interested. If you can,

please access from here.

'Anyway, I want to bully Asahina-san' is scheduled for all 11 episodes, and is scheduled to end around April 2022. Depending on the voices of the readers' support, it will be possible to continue episodes, so please read the manga, recommend it to someone, or send your impressions!

Anyway, I want to be bullied Asahina-san Episode 1 'I'm being bullied today'

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'Anyway, I want to bully Asahina-san' is a serialization from the entries for the GIGAZINE Manga Awards . We are always looking for original scripts, drawings, and of course manga works, so if you are interested, please refer to the details from the link below and apply. Thank you for your continued support.

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