I bought 'Grilled Chicken Burger Salt & Lemon' with salt lemon sauce and 'Thick Beef Burger Pepper & Cheese' with plenty of rich cheddar cheese sauce at McDonald's and tried it.

' Grilled Chicken Burger Salt & Lemon ' and ' Thick Beef Burger Pepper & Cheese ' from McDonald's entitled ' NY Burgers I 'm Curious about' and 'Stylish appearance and deliciousness inspired by New York' in 2022 It appeared on Wednesday, February 9, so I bought it and tried it.

I feel like New York! ?? 'Thick Beef Burger Pepper & Cheese' and 'Grilled Chicken Burger Salt & Lemon' will be available for a limited time from 2/9 (Wed.)! | McDonald's Japan


Arrived at McDonald's.

'NY Burgers who are worried about going' was posted outside the store like this.

I bought it and brought it back.

The set for 2 people, which includes 2 types of burgers, 1 McDonald's potato, chicken McNugget, and 2 drinks, was 1530 yen including tax, so I bought this. The wrapping paper is a special specification.

'Grilled Chicken Burger Salt & Lemon' is sandwiched with grilled chicken made from a large piece of peach meat.

The grilled chicken is a little flat, but the response is perfect. In addition, the 'salt lemon sauce' hidden above and below the chicken is a strong accent that enhances the taste of the chicken.

Plenty of cheddar cheese sauce on the patty of 'thick beef burger pepper & cheese'.

The thick cheese flavor spreads in your mouth along with the taste of beef patty, and it feels like you're struck in your head, 'Is this New York?' I don't know if New Yorkers really like this taste, but if you like the darker cheese flavor, this is an ant.

'Grilled Chicken Burger Salt & Lemon' is 440 yen including tax, and 'Thick Beef Burger Pepper & Cheese' is 460 yen including tax.

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