Bank robbery with Sonic mask appears

Sega's popular character '

Sonic the Hedgehog ' is gaining great popularity all over the world, with live-action movie box office revenue reaching 11 billion yen within three days of its release . Meanwhile, 'bank robbery wearing a Sonic mask' has become a hot topic in DeLand , which is located in Florida, USA.

Armed Robbery 2/2/22 | DeLand Police Department

According to DeLand police, the talked-about bank robbery appeared at the Florida bank ' Florida Credit Union ' on February 2, 2022. Police speculate that the robbery is a man from the tone of his voice.

Below is a photo of the robbery posted on Facebook by the DeLand police. I hide my head with a black hoodie and my face with something like Sonic's mask. Also, I have a big bag on my shoulder.

A robber who stands at a bank counter and demands money. You can see that you have a hammer in your left hand. According to DeLand police, the robber hit the counter window with a hammer and threatened the bank staff, but when the bank staff approached, he escaped on foot outside the store. Even at the time of writing the article, the robbery was not caught and the investigation is continuing.

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