'Cup Noodle Garlic Pork Bone' tasting review of rich Nisshin Foods with chopped garlic & post-filled garlic oil

On Monday, February 14, 2022, Nisshin Foods will introduce a new flavor of cup noodles, 'Cup Noodle Garlic Pork Bone'. I got this product, which was developed because 'the popularity of the menu with plenty of garlic is increasing due to the penetration of wearing masks and telework', so I actually tried it. ..

'Cup Noodle Garlic Pork Bone' (Released on February 14) | Nissin Foods Group


The package of 'Cup Noodle Garlic Pork Bone' looks like this.

'Garlic pork oil' is attached on the lid.

Spices (garlic) etc. are used as raw materials.

Calories are 382 kcal per serving.

First, open the lid halfway. There are onions, pickled ginger, and wood ear mushrooms inside, and at this point the scent of garlic drifted.

Just pour hot water up to the line inside the cup ...

Close the lid and wait 3 minutes. Keep the garlic pork oil warm on the lid.

After 3 minutes, open the lid ...

Add garlic pork oil.

And if you mix it well, it's done.

You can feel the taste and aroma of garlic and garlic in the mellow pork bone soup, but

compared to the garlic scented 'Nisshin Triple Garlic Pork La King Yasai, Abra, Garlic ' that appeared in January 2022, it is all about garlic. Impression that 'balance between pork taste and garlic' is emphasized instead. However, because it contains chopped garlic, it has a unique crispy texture, and it is a product that you can enjoy garlic firmly on the extension of cup noodles.

The price of 'Cup Noodle Garlic Pork Bone' is 193 yen excluding tax. It will be on sale nationwide from February 14th.

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