Apple requests open source distribution software 'OBS' to pull screen captures compatible with macOS Monterey 12.3, including detailed commit messages

In order to make the open source streaming distribution / recording capture software 'OBS' compatible with macOS Monterey 12.3 beta, Apple's developer revealed on GitHub that a new capture plug-in 'General Capture' has been added, and details I am issuing a pull request with a commit message.

mac-capture: Improve window capture support on macOS 12.3 by Developer-Ecosystem-Engineering · Pull Request # 5875 · obsproject / obs-studio · GitHub

Looking at the profile of the account 'Developer-Ecosystem-Engineering ' issuing the commit message, the icon is the Apple logo, the organization is Apple, the headquarters is Cupertino, California, it is not just a personal account but Apple It is clear that it is an account carrying a company. In addition to OBS, Developer-Ecosystem-Engineering is also committed to CineForm , a video codec for GoPro, and Halide, a programming language dedicated to image processing.

Developer-Ecosystem-Engineering has added a pull request to OBS for a new capture source, General Capture. Developer-Ecosystem-Engineering says, 'General Capture has low CPU and GPU utilization, significantly improved frame rate, and is better than regular window capture. Applications and theirs without displaying the contents of the desktop. You can see all the windows. '

According to Developer-Ecosystem-Engineering, General Capture has an option to 'exclude itself from capture', so 'when I capture a desktop with OBS, the OBS UI itself is included in the capture range. Therefore, the problem of 'the screen looks like a mirror' will be solved.

In addition, the capture framework '

ScreenCaptureKit ' available from macOS Monterey 12.3 beta is used for the development of this General Capture. ScreenCaptureKit is for capturing screens in Mac apps, and General Capture seems to be able to capture with better performance and lower resource utilization by using this ScreenCaptureKit.

Developer-Ecosystem-Engineering was actually tested on a 2.3GHz Core i9 with macOS Monetery 12.3, a 16-inch MacBook Pro with AMD Radeon Pro 5500M graphics (2019 model) and a Mac mini with 8GB of memory. That's right. The games captured in the test were ' Dota 2 ', ' Shadow of the Tomb Raider ', ' Deus Ex Mankind Divided ', ' Baldur's Gate 3 ', and ' Civilization VI ', all played at 1080p / 60fps settings. It was compared.

You can see the movie that actually compared 'Shadow of the Tomb Raider' with normal window capture and General Capture by clicking the image below. Looking at the measurements displayed in the upper left and upper right, you can see that General Capture uses less CPU, GPU, and memory in OBS than regular window captures.

In response to the highly detailed commit message of Developer-Ecosystem-Engineeringe, which includes not only the fix but also the motivation for the fix, the test content and the result, the social news site Hacker News said, 'Whenever I make a pull request, this is the case. While some users praise it, 'you should give a detailed commit message to the site,' 'even if you make a pull request with such a huge amount of corrections, it will take a long time to review.' The fact that a pull request with a hit affects the entire build system should be a concern. '

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